Competition Format and Rules

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  • Whilst entry to the tournament is free, contestants must have purchased a general show ticket for the event where the heat is being held.
  • Contestants must sign-up in person on the day of the event and obtain a unique entrant number.


  • The shortlist of games is selected by the CGC organisers annually, to the following criteria:
    • All chosen games must have been released commercially.
    • All games must have been released a minimum of 15 years prior to 1st Jan on the year of the tournament.
    • All games must use joystick or controller input.


  • All games must be played using standard un-modified controllers/joysticks.
  • It is not permitted for contestants to use their own controller.
  • It is not permitted to use auto-fire or other macro settings.
  • Contestants are limited to a set number of attempts at each game (see scoresheet at the event for number of tries per game).
  • Practise goes are not permitted.
  • Contestants may enter once per day for each day they attend the host event.
  • Heat winners will not be permitted to enter further heats.


  • Players must register a score for all 3 games or they will not be included in the final tally.
  • All scores are verified by a member of CGC staff and then added to our bespoke high score tracker.
  • Players can only register a complete set of scores that were completed on the same day.
  • At the end of the heat the top 25 players on each game are awarded points based on their position in the table as follows: 1st 100, 2nd 95, 3rd 90, 4th 85, 5th 80, 6th 75, 7th 70, 8th 65, 9th 60, 10th 55, 11th 50, 12th 45, 13th 40, 14th 35, 15th 30, 16th 25, 17th 20, 18th 15, 19th 12, 20th 10, 21st 8, 22nd 6, 23rd 4, 24th 2, 25th 1
  • The scores for all 3 games are added together and the player with the highest aggregate score is crowned the winner.
  • Should there be a tie, the players whose scores are level will have their individual scores compared, with one point given for each game they scored higher on. 


  • All heat winners will receive a CGC heat winners medal. They will also receive 2 complimentary tickets to the Grand Final in Manchester and one night hotel accommodation. 
  • Heat winners will be eligible to claim up to £50 towards their travel costs.
  • The runner up of the Grand Final will receive a bespoke CGC runner up medal.
  • The winner of the Grand Final will receive a bespoke CGC Champions medal.
  • Further prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the event organisers and sponsors.