20140824_153500On 23-24 August 2014, Collectormania Glasgow hosted the 8th heat in the 2014 Classic Gaming Championships.

64 gamers took part with 46 of them notching scores on the leaderboard. John Murray was the overall winner and will be heading to Manchester in October to compete in the grand final! Full scores for each game and the overall rankings will be posted soon.

For more pictures from LFCC, check out the Glasgow Heat page.

Overall Rankings (scroll down for game scores)

RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1John Murray374
2James Shorten315
3Alistair Chappell280
4Alistair Stewart265
5Lewis Brogan255
6Gavin Kean250
7Steven Anderson240
8Bruce Russell223
9Rhys Stenhouse210
10Harry Young202
11Michael Mcgurk201
12Mohammed Hashim178
13Michael Haijh-Franey175
14David White161
15Gary Stewart157
16Mads Thagaard155
17Mike Sime150
18JJ Tulloch147
19Donald Leckie145
20Lee McIntyre130
21Jamie Cruickshank125
22Scott Dunn104
23Sarah Elliott100
24Jack Wright86
25Calam S Reid73
26Nicky Jamison65
27Stewwart Sharp62
28Caleb Morris60
29Beth Winter57
30Rhys Reed55
30Sharen Lynsay Thomson55
32Gareth Adamson51
33Andrew Scott50
34Clark Wilson43
35Katie Rundell40
36Brendan Bean35
37Rich Jobling30
37Callum Nicoll30
39Alex MacMillan14
39Jack Campbell14
41Andrew MacMillan12
42Christopher Hill10
43Dean Allan7
44Ross Carmichael6
45Alan Munro4
46William Stewart1
47Kelly Rodden0
47Jake Sharp0
47Cormac Stewart0
47Anna Mason0
47David Kerr0
47Quinn Wilson0
47Calum McGougal0


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Harry Young1819100
2Alistair Chappell154395
3Michael Mcgurk135790
4Scott Dunn125385
5John Murray118980
6Alistair Stewart102875
7Mohammed Hashim85670
8Steven Anderson85265
9David White81560
10Gavin Kean80555
11Andrew Scott77350
12James Shorten75945
13Mike Sime74540
13Katie Rundell74540
15Stewwart Sharp70430
16Rhys Stenhouse66425
17Rhys Reed65820
18Calam S Reid60415
19Andrew MacMillan59012
20Michael Haijh-Franey58210
21Bruce Russell5608
22Dean Allan5376
23Ross Carmichael5364
24JJ Tulloch5272
25Jack Wright4971
26Rich Jobling4610
27Christopher Hill4590
28Jack Campbell4580
29Jamie Cruickshank4140
30William Stewart4120
31Caleb Morris3930
32Lee McIntyre3900
33Mads Thagaard3820
34Gary Stewart3780
35Gareth Adamson3740
36Nicky Jamison3650
37Alex MacMillan3560
38Beth Winter3330
39Donald Leckie2800
40Calum McGougal2780
41Alan Munro2730
42Lewis Brogan2620
42Sarah Elliott2620
42Brendan Bean2620
45Callum Nicoll2400
46Anna Mason2310
47Kelly Rodden2270
48Jake Sharp2240
49Sharen Lynsay Thomson2080
50David Kerr2040
51Cormac Stewart1890
52Clark Wilson1740
53Quinn Wilson1640


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1John Murray90600100
2David White7430095
3Rhys Stenhouse6190090
4Gavin Kean5940085
5Alistair Stewart5660080
6Gary Stewart5490075
7Steven Anderson5430070
8Mohammed Hashim5420065
9Harry Young5390060
10Alistair Chappell5120055
11Lee McIntyre4960050
12Mads Thagaard4260045
12James Shorten4260045
14Rhys Reed4250035
15Mike Sime3750030
16JJ Tulloch3740025
17Michael Mcgurk3560020
18Donald Leckie3550015
19Beth Winter3230012
20Gareth Adamson2900010
21Clark Wilson278008
22Jack Campbell276006
23Calam S Reid264004
23Alan Munro264004
25Dean Allan257001
26Alex MacMillan232000
27William Stewart231000
28Jack Wright224000
29Quinn Wilson208000
30Bruce Russell199000
31Brendan Bean198000
32Michael Haijh-Franey193000
33Callum Nicoll190000
34Scott Dunn188000
35Caleb Morris174000
36Katie Rundell156000
37Nicky Jamison152000
38Kelly Rodden141000
38Ross Carmichael141000
40Calum McGougal127000
41Sarah Elliott122000
41Stewwart Sharp122000
43Jake Sharp114000
43David Kerr114000
45Lewis Brogan112000
46Rich Jobling90000
47Jamie Cruickshank86000
48Andrew MacMillan83000
49Anna Mason82000
50Cormac Stewart68000
51Christopher Hill64000
52Andrew Scott63000
53Sharen Lynsay Thomson46000


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1John Murray3:39"34100
2Lewis Brogan3:44"9595
3James Shorten3:46"4690
4Jack Wright3:47"7585
5Mike Sime3:50"8580
6Jamie Cruickshank3:50"9075
7Michael Mcgurk3:51"4570
8Nicky Jamison3:51"6065
9Caleb Morris3:52"0260
10Lee McIntyre3:52"1955
11Michael Haijh-Franey3:52"8050
12Bruce Russell3:52"9845
13Harry Young3:54"6740
14Mohammed Hashim3:55"2135
15Steven Anderson3:55"8830
16Alistair Chappell3:57"2625
17Stewwart Sharp3:57"3720
18Rhys Stenhouse3:58"2415
19Callum Nicoll3:58"2612
20Christopher Hill3:59"1610
21Jack Campbell3:59"678
22Gary Stewart3:59"776
23Scott Dunn4:00"354
24Alex MacMillan4:00"612
25Gareth Adamson4:00"651
26Dean Allan4:01"010
27Mads Thagaard4:02"590
28Calum McGougal4:03"390
29Katie Rundell4:03"900
30Calam S Reid4:06"240
31Gavin Kean4:07"760
32Sarah Elliott4:10"490
33JJ Tulloch4:11"220
34David White4:11"610
35Andrew MacMillan4:11"780
36Kelly Rodden4:15"450
37Beth Winter4:16"480
38David Kerr4:16"600
39Alan Munro4:18"250
40Donald Leckie4:19"220
41Rhys Reed4:19"260
42Ross Carmichael4:20"780
43Clark Wilson4:24"060
44Jake Sharp4:25"010
45Andrew Scott4:25"430
46William Stewart4:32"050
47Alistair Stewart4:32"110
48Cormac Stewart4:32"490
49Quinn Wilson4:46"610
50Brendan Bean4:53"570
51Sharen Lynsay Thomson5:00"960
52Rich Jobling5:02"390
53Anna Mason6:06"170


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Sarah Elliott30586000100
2Lewis Brogan1682509095
3John Murray1123045090
4Bruce Russell1093500085
5Rhys Stenhouse1071993080
6Donald Leckie995892075
7Alistair Stewart937118070
8Mads Thagaard691789065
9JJ Tulloch574844060
10Sharen Lynsay Thomson557302055
11Jamie Cruickshank532471050
12Beth Winter497201045
13James Shorten472944040
14Brendan Bean462596035
15Rich Jobling445337030
16Alistair Chappell443499025
17Gavin Kean440303020
18Michael Haijh-Franey440202015
19Alex MacMillan428095012
20Gareth Adamson404645010
21Callum Nicoll39918008
22Gary Stewart38520206
23Calam S Reid38044104
24Ross Carmichael36368402
25Michael Mcgurk34487801
26Kelly Rodden30399900
27Stewwart Sharp27346100
28Andrew Scott26736200
29Caleb Morris26482400
30Jack Campbell25603900
31Katie Rundell24654000
32David White24249200
33Anna Mason23921700
34Scott Dunn22394800
35Calum McGougal22340000
36Lee McIntyre21416900
37David Kerr20902100
38Steven Anderson20721000
39Jack Wright20037400
40Mike Sime18749200
41Quinn Wilson18654400
42Alan Munro18575700
43Dean Allan18148600
44Nicky Jamison17991800
45Harry Young17164400
46Rhys Reed15743600
47Andrew MacMillan15588500
48Mohammed Hashim14453200
49Jake Sharp13774300
50Cormac Stewart13566100
51William Stewart12417000
52Clark Wilson12179300
53Christopher Hill8772600


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Michael Haijh-Franey1613980100
2James Shorten133160095
3Gavin Kean132109090
4Bruce Russell123838085
5Alistair Chappell122793080
6Steven Anderson120729075
7Gary Stewart107590070
8Lewis Brogan74834065
9JJ Tulloch72424060
10Donald Leckie69925055
11Calam S Reid68472050
12Mads Thagaard68123045
13Alistair Stewart62006040
14Clark Wilson46360035
15Gareth Adamson44323030
16Lee McIntyre42916025
17Michael Mcgurk42675020
18Scott Dunn42175015
19Stewwart Sharp41601012
20Callum Nicoll40593010
21Mohammed Hashim4010008
22David White3966486
23John Murray3957804
24Harry Young3238402
25William Stewart2857801
26Jack Campbell2755400
27Jack Wright2751000
28Sarah Elliott2668000
29Mike Sime2586700
30Alex MacMillan2478900
31Caleb Morris2436600
32Rhys Stenhouse2430000
33Ross Carmichael2369600
34Katie Rundell2357300
35Dean Allan2244700
36Brendan Bean2014600
37Calum McGougal1964300
38Quinn Wilson1917800
39Christopher Hill1803500
40Beth Winter1787900
41Jake Sharp1678000
42Nicky Jamison1621500
43David Kerr1557900
44Rich Jobling1464600
45Jamie Cruickshank1286100
46Alan Munro1067900
47Rhys Reed800600
48Sharen Lynsay Thomson754300
49Anna Mason734100
50Cormac Stewart685600
51Andrew Scott530700
52Andrew MacMillan475680
53Kelly Rodden166400