Games Britannia LiveOn 28/29 June 2014, Games Britannia Live at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield was the venue for the 5th heat in the 2014 Classic Gaming Championships.

41 players registered to compete with 34 of them managing to notch points on the leaderboard. Following his 2nd place at the Margate heat, Jon Buchan finally took the crown and booked his place in the grand final,  beating James Woodrow and Danielle Eggington into 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Full scores for each game and the overall rankings are below. For more pictures from Games Britannia Live, check out the Sheffield Heat page.



Overall Rankings (scroll down for game scores)

RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1Jon Buchan415
2James Woodrow385
3Danielle Eggington371
4Paul Beech325
5Jon Brown262
6Robert Ferguson261
7Conor Buchan260
8Dan Denton225
9Stuart Pearson200
10Steve Lycett185
11Mark Gilmore181
12James Zeun171
13Martin Wadlow165
15Blake Brett152
16Dan Dudley145
17Dee Waite139
17Janith Petrangoda139
19Sarah Woodrow137
20Christopher Smith128
21Jonathan Whitefield122
22James Clark120
22Kev Mason120
24Harris Nawaz118
25Simon Morris115
26Reece Peters85
27Andrew Hornsby72
28Chris Ash65
29Marc Bonne58
31Jay Foster31
32Lewis Moore29
33Adetunji Adebiyi6
34Dan Clunderay0
34Balal Khan0


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Janith Petrangoda31640100
2Danielle Eggington2896095
3Jonathan Whitefield2442090
4Jon Buchan2269085
5Paul Beech2215080
6Jon Brown1919075
7James Woodrow1898070
8Dan Dudley1815065
9Dan Denton1472060
10Blake Brett1342055
11Conor Buchan1204050
12Sarah Woodrow1160045
13James Clark1155040
14Chris Ash1137035
15Mark Gilmore1095030
16Andrew Hornsby1093025
17Kev Mason1035020
18Marc Bonne931215
20Harris Nawaz839010
21Christopher Smith82308
22Robert Ferguson80206
23Adetunji Adebiyi71004
24Dee Waite70102
25James Zeun69001
26Martin Wadlow55800
28Steve Lycett52700
28Reece Peters52700
30Lewis Moore50600
31Jay Foster48500
32Stuart Pearson33800
33Balal Khan32900
34Simon Morris19700
35Dan Clunderay3100


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Martin Wadlow87711100
2Mark Gilmore5662395
3Jon Buchan4092090
4Steve Lycett2953085
5Kev Mason2850080
6James Woodrow2354275
7Conor Buchan1867170
8Simon Morris1838565
9Paul Beech1640060
10Dan Denton1624555
11Sarah Woodrow1320050
12Blake Brett1020045
14Dee Waite914035
15Marc Bonne870330
16Stuart Pearson800725
17Jonathan Whitefield520020
18James Clark428215
19Dan Dudley392512
20Robert Ferguson364110
21Lewis Moore22738
22Danielle Eggington22006
23Chris Ash20004
24Jay Foster16222
24Andrew Hornsby16222
26James Zeun8730
27Janith Petrangoda8490
28Jon Brown8310
29Reece Peters6000
30Christopher Smith5790
31Harris Nawaz4170
32Dan Clunderay4030
32Balal Khan4030
34Adetunji Adebiyi4000


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Steve Lycett158628100
2Paul Beech13502595
3Danielle Eggington10905990
4James Zeun10361685
5James Woodrow10107080
6Robert Ferguson9687275
7Harris Nawaz7784570
8Dan Denton3689465
9Christopher Smith3283460
10Stuart Pearson2086955
11Jon Buchan1920950
13James Clark1560040
14Janith Petrangoda1418335
15Simon Morris1396530
16Chris Ash1367625
17Kev Mason1254020
18Lewis Moore1186715
19Dee Waite1120012
20Conor Buchan1098410
21Dan Dudley101528
22Mark Gilmore99556
23Jonathan Whitefield90614
24Jon Brown84002
25Sarah Woodrow80671
26Reece Peters69000
27Martin Wadlow63480
28Marc Bonne62630
29Andrew Hornsby60890
30Jay Foster54270
31Blake Brett53820
32Balal Khan52330
34Dan Clunderay41710
35Adetunji Adebiyi33620


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Jon Brown28882100
2Jon Buchan2076495
3Danielle Eggington2002590
4Reece Peters1530085
5James Woodrow1365080
6Conor Buchan1303475
7Robert Ferguson1267070
8James Zeun1110065
9Christopher Smith1025960
10Stuart Pearson953755
11Blake Brett907550
11Martin Wadlow907550
13Dee Waite901540
14Andrew Hornsby900035
16James Clark875025
17Simon Morris855020
18Paul Beech712515
19Marc Bonne705012
20Mark Gilmore660010
21Harris Nawaz65308
22Sarah Woodrow64506
23Jay Foster51754
24Adetunji Adebiyi46502
25Chris Ash43501
26Dan Clunderay43250
27Kev Mason30000
28Janith Petrangoda27000
29Dan Denton25500
30Jonathan Whitefield20100
32Balal Khan17250
33Dan Dudley16500
34Lewis Moore15000
35Steve Lycett00


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Robert Ferguson8791730100
2Jon Buchan753860095
3Danielle Eggington450734090
4Jon Brown156166085
5James Woodrow148104080
6Paul Beech112457075
8Stuart Pearson89038065
9Dan Dudley88936060
10Conor Buchan81115055
11Dee Waite78140050
12Dan Denton73101045
13Mark Gilmore68908040
14Sarah Woodrow66653035
15Harris Nawaz60410030
16Jay Foster45926025
17James Zeun44681020
18Martin Wadlow42430015
20Andrew Hornsby42137010
21Jonathan Whitefield4098508
22Lewis Moore4068406
23Janith Petrangoda3926404
24Blake Brett3172402
25Marc Bonne3124501
26Adetunji Adebiyi2993600
27James Clark2733700
28Dan Clunderay2627700
29Reece Peters2520390
30Chris Ash2221000
31Simon Morris1919800
32Kev Mason1229500
33Christopher Smith771700
34Balal Khan520600
35Steve Lycett00