PLAY Blackpool – May 2015

Play-Blackpool-2015The first heat of the 2015 Classic Gaming Championships took us to Blackpool on a sunny Bank Holiday weekend. 109 people signed up, with 94 of them completing all the games. Some amazing gamers came out to PLAY and 43 managed to high score their way onto the overall leaderboard.

The games played in Blackpool were Circus Atari (Atari 2600 VCS), Flicky (Sega Megadrive) and Wave Race 64 (Nintendo 64).

The big story of the heat came on the very first day when Gavin Ward (2014 CGC Champion) and Ian Wall (2014 Runner-up and 2014 Blackpool heat winner) both showed just how good they are with monumental scores and closed the day in 1st and second places respectively.

However, as neither Gavin or Ian were able to return on Sunday or Monday, Spencer Guest (3 times runner up in 2014 heats) managed to surpass them both and claim the very first spot in the 2015 Grand Final.

Overall rankings and scores for the individual games are below.



RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1Spencer Guest295
2Gavin Ward285
3Ian Wall275
4Ashley Woodcock190
5Wayne Markin175
6Bobby Dixon154
7Chi Lo152
8Rhys Wynne150
9Adam Buchanan145
10Martin Herring140
11Totty Foskers125
12Adam Shearer90
12Mohammad Sharif90
14Darren Walker85
15Robert Quinn80
16Jim Bagley75
17Ian Guebert65
17Graz Richards65
17Stefan Le Prince65
20Gaz Backhouse61
21Lee Stewart55
22Rob Scawp50
23Andy Graham40
23Jack Atkinson40
25Mikey Taylor36
26Reece Bleasdale35
27Carl Hurrell30
28Blake Haslehurst28
29Nicholas Rothwelll20
29Robert Bannister20
31Mike Watts16
32Phil Rowland15
32Dean Pickering15
34Alan Twiss14
34Ian Frost14
36Damien Goy12
37Paul Jordan10
37Andrew Talbot10
39Lucas Hume8
40Peter Matossian4
41Dave Collins2
41Luke Holden2
43Charlie Mcmullan1
44Rebecca Markin0
44Keith Saha0
44Louis Saha0
44Jay Saha0
44Chad Knight0
44Ian Howard0
44Richard Firth0
44Steven Tench0
44Garry Whale0
44Daniel Baldwin0
44Kirsty Robinson0
44Ben Hume0
44Lee Kirkbride0
44Dids Crabtree0
44Graham Coe0
44Mark Houghton0
44Chris Hodgson0
44Mark Crook0
44Jermaine Green0
44Colin Bell0
44Amy Ponting0
44Andy Roan0
44Abbey O'Hara0
44Joseph Taylor0
44Gavin Davies0
44Brian Jordan0
44Craig Jordan0
44Kelly Scott0
44Mark Chamberlain0
44Lawrence Chamberlain0
44Mark E Moose0
44Shane Smith0
44Luke Mullin0
44Mike Mee0
44Miles Shatliff0
44David Morgan0
44Shrini Langwood0
44Ben Jones0
44Ethan Blundell0
44Paul Blundell0
44Sam Jones0
44Chris Lees-Jones0
44Doug Cooper0
44Wayne Jordan0
44Andy Pearson0
44Joshua Williams0
44Jeremy Williams0
44Lee Price0
44Sebastian Price0
44Nathan Price0
44Anthony Reeves0



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Spencer Guest11737100
2Gavin Ward995995
3Ian Wall412690
4Chi Lo409085
5Bobby Dixon188480
6Jim Bagley154975
7Totty Foskers141170
8Graz Richards124965
9Gaz Backhouse108860
10Lee Stewart89555
11Adam Buchanan79550
12Rhys Wynne69545
13Andy Graham66540
13Jack Atkinson66540
15Carl Hurrell65230
16Ashley Woodcock63625
17Nicholas Rothwelll60020
18Wayne Markin59115
19Ian Frost55512
20Mike Watts55110
21Blake Haslehurst5448
22Mikey Taylor5396
23Peter Matossian5314
24Luke Holden5252
25Ian Guebert5021
26Darren Walker4960
27Richard Firth4810
28Adam Shearer4640
29Ben Jones4630
30Brian Jordan4600
31Steven Tench4590
32Joseph Taylor4510
33Keith Saha4470
34Daniel Baldwin4420
35Graham Coe4380
35Mark Chamberlain4380
37Robert Bannister4360
38Stefan Le Prince4180
39Martin Herring4170
40Chris Hodgson4150
41Colin Bell3950
42Mark Crook3890
42Damien Goy3890
44Alan Twiss3880
45Rebecca Markin3680
46Shane Smith3610
47Charlie Mcmullan3600
48Andy Pearson3540
49Doug Cooper3470
50Garry Whale3390
51Jermaine Green3360
52Nathan Price3350
53Lawrence Chamberlain3250
54Mohammad Sharif3230
55Ben Hume3160
56Chris Lees-Jones3110
57Lee Price3080
58Anthony Reeves3070
59Andy Roan3040
60Kelly Scott3010
61Jeremy Williams2990
62Dids Crabtree2980
63Kirsty Robinson2970
64Jay Saha2950
65Shrini Langwood2890
66Mike Mee2850
67Mark E Moose2810
68Phil Rowland2790
69Ethan Blundell2710
70Mark Houghton2690
71Ian Howard2640
72Rob Scawp2560
73Chad Knight2510
74Louis Saha2490
75Robert Quinn2460
76Lucas Hume2440
77Lee Kirkbride2320
78David Morgan2310
79Dave Collins2090
80Paul Jordan2080
81Reece Bleasdale1960
81Joshua Williams1960
83Sam Jones1910
84Amy Ponting1540
85Miles Shatliff1470
86Dean Pickering1330
87Andrew Talbot1310
88Craig Jordan1130
88Sebastian Price1130
90Paul Blundell870
91Wayne Jordan580
92Abbey O'Hara350
93Gavin Davies190
94Luke Mullin110


maxresdefault 2

RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Gavin Ward1360660100
2Spencer Guest57792095
3Ian Wall56640090
4Wayne Markin56240085
5Ashley Woodcock55067080
6Martin Herring54268075
7Bobby Dixon51751070
8Adam Buchanan48167065
9Darren Walker47873060
10Totty Foskers36861055
11Rob Scawp35434050
12Mohammad Sharif29572045
13Adam Shearer29235040
14Rhys Wynne29090035
15Mikey Taylor28787030
16Stefan Le Prince28478025
17Blake Haslehurst23075020
18Phil Rowland21761015
19Chi Lo21625012
20Paul Jordan21522010
21Alan Twiss2065108
22Mike Watts1825006
23Ian Guebert1800104
24Dave Collins1612002
25Gaz Backhouse1586001
26Robert Bannister1513900
27Dean Pickering1483500
28Andy Graham1385200
29Richard Firth1308300
30Chad Knight1304200
31Andy Pearson1250200
32Peter Matossian1231300
33Ben Jones1212000
34Colin Bell1187400
35Nicholas Rothwelll1150000
36Lawrence Chamberlain1115800
37Lee Kirkbride1096000
38Jermaine Green1073900
39Andrew Talbot1072300
40Chris Lees-Jones1066500
41Jim Bagley988500
42Luke Holden982600
43Wayne Jordan969500
44Rebecca Markin960300
45Louis Saha950500
46Mark Crook918300
47Garry Whale879900
48Joseph Taylor781000
49Gavin Davies766000
50Lee Stewart748200
51Doug Cooper738100
52Mark E Moose678900
53Charlie Mcmullan603400
54Dids Crabtree563800
55Carl Hurrell547100
56Daniel Baldwin540100
57Chris Hodgson528100
58Brian Jordan509800
59Robert Quinn465900
60Amy Ponting409300
61Keith Saha357700
62Kelly Scott336800
63David Morgan327100
64Mark Chamberlain300400
65Lucas Hume295300
66Craig Jordan293200
67Graz Richards289000
68Steven Tench276800
69Graham Coe243400
70Nathan Price241600
71Ben Hume236600
72Sam Jones222400
73Mike Mee196300
74Jay Saha192900
75Shane Smith190200
76Miles Shatliff179400
77Jack Atkinson169600
78Anthony Reeves144500
79Reece Bleasdale130200
80Andy Roan129600
81Jeremy Williams128200
82Damien Goy114200
83Joshua Williams85100
84Kirsty Robinson76100
85Ian Frost63200
86Mark Houghton47200
87Ian Howard25700
88Lee Price23100
89Paul Blundell19000
90Ethan Blundell10500
91Sebastian Price10400
92Abbey O'Hara8600
93Luke Mullin7400
94Shrini Langwood1000



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Spencer Guest10676100
2Ian Wall1010295
3Gavin Ward902790
4Ashley Woodcock814085
5Robert Quinn740580
6Wayne Markin681475
7Rhys Wynne636270
8Martin Herring579965
9Ian Guebert557560
10Chi Lo539555
11Adam Shearer499050
12Mohammad Sharif498645
13Stefan Le Prince489740
14Reece Bleasdale483835
15Adam Buchanan472730
16Darren Walker465625
17Robert Bannister433520
18Dean Pickering427015
19Damien Goy398512
20Andrew Talbot391610
21Lucas Hume39058
22Alan Twiss37456
23Bobby Dixon37224
24Ian Frost36582
25Charlie Mcmullan35701
26Totty Foskers35200
27Luke Holden33410
28Rebecca Markin33180
29Phil Rowland32850
30Chad Knight32760
31Mikey Taylor32150
32Peter Matossian31820
33Paul Jordan31150
34Sam Jones30900
35Gavin Davies30750
36Ian Howard30730
37Mike Mee30650
38Graham Coe30290
39Mark Houghton30100
40Rob Scawp29550
41Doug Cooper28850
42Colin Bell28450
43Gaz Backhouse27500
44Chris Lees-Jones26500
45Shane Smith26300
46Andy Roan26190
47Andy Pearson26050
48Amy Ponting25900
49Ben Hume25850
50Dave Collins25800
50Kirsty Robinson25800
52Mark E Moose25400
53Jim Bagley25000
53Wayne Jordan25000
55Keith Saha24600
55Garry Whale24600
57Richard Firth24000
58Nicholas Rothwelll23950
59Paul Blundell23750
60Dids Crabtree23400
61Lawrence Chamberlain23320
62Joseph Taylor22550
63Daniel Baldwin22300
64Jack Atkinson22050
65Steven Tench21750
66Carl Hurrell21200
67Jermaine Green21050
68Miles Shatliff20830
69Nathan Price20700
70Kelly Scott20630
71Joshua Williams19900
72Andy Graham19650
73Chris Hodgson19600
74Sebastian Price19410
75Graz Richards18450
76Mike Watts18350
76Ethan Blundell18350
78Blake Haslehurst17800
79Mark Crook17350
80Lee Stewart17100
81Jeremy Williams17000
82David Morgan16350
83Ben Jones16150
84Jay Saha15200
85Mark Chamberlain14700
86Craig Jordan14350
87Lee Kirkbride14100
88Lee Price13800
89Brian Jordan13650
90Louis Saha12450
91Luke Mullin11700
92Abbey O'Hara7800
93Anthony Reeves6000
94Shrini Langwood1000