IMG_3198Margate’s famous Winter Gardens hosted the first ever Classic Gaming Championships at GEEK 2014. This 3 day celebration of games and play was a huge success with 215 contestants registering to play in the CGC. Over 1500 games were played with nearly 700 scores being logged and 59 different people scoring points on the leaderboard.

Harry Thomas was the eventual winner with an impressive display that saw him pip long-time leader Daryll and overall runner-up Jon. Well done Harry, see you in Manchester!

Full scores for each game and the overall rankings are below. For more pictures from GEEK 2014 check out the Margate Heat page.


Overall Rankings (scroll down for game scores)

RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1Harry Thomas450
2Jon Buchan410
3Darryl Smith-Durrant395
4Lawrence Quayle335
5Connor McMahon235
6Steve Campbell195
7Phil Holmes193
8Bobby Dixon185
9Robert Mitcham170
10Andrew Runagall155
11Karl Huggins147
12Lee Ali145
13Robert McMahon143
14Xavier Selva129
15Chris Thomas115
15Mat Corne115
17William Burroughs95
18Stuart Cameron91
19Luke Hasler85
19Frank Gasking85
19Niall Conroy85
22Ollie Coe80
22Daniel Barnes80
22Vince Maple80
22Steven Clinton80
26Desmond Flint77
27Martin Brear76
28Luke Chuter75
28Elliot Grimmie75
30Sam Alleyne69
31Mark Andrews65
32Matty B60
32Owen Verrill60
34Bailey Miller57
35Ant Lewis50
36Neil Stone47
37Luke Record45
38Josh Mulder40
38Luke Earle40
40Howard Burroughs35
41James Munday30
42Paul Tann26
43Michael Lang25
44Stewart Wood22
45George Ricci20
46Gordon Sinclair18
47Rachel Goodwin15
47Ashley Payne15
49Matthew Gallagher14
50Frederick Hiscock12
51Adam Reynolds10
52David Munday8
52Bradley Young8
52Ralph Malone8
55Joe Cason6
56Rich Baker5
57Nick McLean4
58Dylan Bish2
59Andy Brown1
60Olie Adams0
60Stephen Bishop0
60Blaise Guy0
60Joe Arthur0
60Adam Mallet0
60Luke Mallett0
60Robert Coe0
60Aiden Shaw0
60Joshua Sandys0
60Zion Morriso0
60Jax Avery0
60Michael Amato0
60Oliver Mulder0
60George Slade0
60Stephen Geer0
60Paul Campbell0
60Stuart Foreman0
60Ally Bishop0
60Mark Bishop0
60Adam Bishop0
60Jed Cartwright0
60Phillip Smy0
60Jemma Small0
60Gary Stringer0
60Jose Jones0
60Theo Wood0
60Thomas Neild0
60Laurie Hogben0
60Robert Jordan0
60Tyla Evans0
60Martin Porter0
60George Theze0
60Debbie Cotter0
60Ellie Kaye0
60Tris Kaye0
60Lewis Cooney0
60Rhys Gardiner0
60Alan West0
60George Flint0
60Paul Curtis0
60Olly Curtis0
60Ben Batchelor0
60Jack Marsh0
60Sharna Smart0
60Callum Harvey0
60Ged Gallagher0
60Charlie Atkins0
60Mitchell Dickenson0
60Jamie Chin0
60Jonathan Levy0
60James Kemp0
60Greg cook0
60Adrian Fibbens0
60Peter Cotter0
60Shelley Hubble0
60Brandon Newman0
60Maxwell Newman0
60Paul Newman0
60Hadley Miller0
60Cameron Miller0
60Steve Perry0
60Ingrid Mykura0
60Bailey Hudson0
60Moggy Walls0
60Josh Walton0
60Joe Wilson0
60Brandon Cook0
60Connor Tierney0
60Jemma Hamilton0
60Beth Hamilton0
60Tom Nichols0
60James McLean0
60Adam Smith0
60Matthew Brown0
60Illisia Adams0
60Luke Brunt0


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Harry Thomas117500100
2Jon Buchan8675095
3Darryl Smith-Durrant5597090
4Steve Campbell2985085
5Lawrence Quayle2516080
6Desmond Flint2349075
7Connor McMahon2297070
8Robert McMahon2007065
9Owen Verrill1993060
10Karl Huggins1707055
11Niall Conroy1632050
12Robert Mitcham1606045
13Luke Earle1474040
14Andrew Runagall1470035
15Vince Maple1458030
16Bobby Dixon1364025
17Frank Gasking1239020
18Elliot Grimmie1208015
19Frederick Hiscock1186012
20Stewart Wood1160010
21Bradley Young115908
22Adam Reynolds112506
23Luke Chuter110704
24Neil Stone106202
25Andy Brown105601
26Gordon Sinclair104600
27Ollie Coe103700
28Rich Baker102100
29Alan West101800
30Paul Tann101300
31Adam Mallet100100
32Chris Thomas99600
33Sam Alleyne99300
34Laurie Hogben97400
35Mark Andrews96100
36Adrian Fibbens95000
37Olie Adams93500
38James Kemp92500
39Michael Lang91900
40Luke Hasler91600
41Michael Amato88600
42Luke Record86600
43Daniel Barnes86300
44David Munday86100
45Ben Batchelor86000
46Jamie Chin84500
47Mat Corne83300
48Moggy Walls82600
49Aiden Shaw79000
50Stephen Geer78500
51Illisia Adams77600
52Steve Perry77000
53Ralph Malone75200
54Steven Clinton73800
55Gary Stringer73400
56Peter Cotter72400
57Jose Jones71800
58Adam Bishop71700
59George Ricci69900
60Dylan Bish67500
61Matthew Gallagher66700
62Josh Mulder65700
63Paul Campbell64400
64Phillip Smy64000
64Matty B64000
66Thomas Neild63600
67Rhys Gardiner59500
68Joe Cason58300
69Charlie Atkins57200
69Tom Nichols57200
71Jemma Hamilton56400
72Cameron Miller55800
73William Burroughs53900
74Olly Curtis53600
75Theo Wood53400
76Callum Harvey51700
77Stuart Cameron51600
78Brandon Newman50800
79Bailey Miller50600
80Ashley Payne50500
81Greg cook48900
81Bailey Hudson48900
83Jack Marsh48600
84Sharna Smart48300
85Joshua Sandys48200
86Mitchell Dickenson47200
87Lewis Cooney47000
88Paul Curtis46800
89Phil Holmes46300
90Jed Cartwright45900
91Oliver Mulder45400
92Matthew Brown44600
93Blaise Guy44300
94Mark Bishop44200
95George Flint43600
96Ingrid Mykura43500
98Nick McLean43100
99Josh Walton42900
100Adam Smith42800
101Martin Brear42600
102Stephen Bishop41700
102Connor Tierney41700
104Hadley Miller41400
105James McLean40800
106Stuart Foreman40700
107James Munday40100
108Tyla Evans39900
109Luke Brunt38600
110Lee Ali38400
111Robert Jordan38100
111Xavier Selva38100
113Maxwell Newman38000
114Brandon Cook37900
115Ant Lewis37200
116Zion Morriso36900
117Debbie Cotter35600
118Ged Gallagher35300
119Jemma Small34800
119Shelley Hubble34800
121George Theze34600
122Rachel Goodwin31400
123George Slade30000
124Joe Arthur29600
126Howard Burroughs27500
127Ellie Kaye27100
128Jonathan Levy26600
129Paul Newman24900
130Jax Avery23800
131Joe Wilson22600
132Beth Hamilton21700
133Tris Kaye21100
134Luke Mallett20800
135Robert Coe10500
136Ally Bishop9500
137Martin Porter7500


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Lawrence Quayle209800100
2Harry Thomas16670095
3Karl Huggins14050090
4Darryl Smith-Durrant12560085
5Jon Buchan9600080
6Lee Ali9430075
7Luke Chuter9130070
8Connor McMahon9050065
9Steve Campbell8860060
10Frank Gasking8490055
11Ant Lewis7630050
12Bailey Miller7530045
13Sam Alleyne7460040
14Phil Holmes7090035
15Neil Stone6890030
16Xavier Selva6860025
17Mat Corne6830020
18Robert Mitcham6780015
19Gordon Sinclair6690012
20Matthew Gallagher6680010
21Robert McMahon659008
22Paul Tann639006
23Rich Baker628004
24Desmond Flint617002
25Martin Brear608001
27Adam Bishop599000
28Bobby Dixon589000
29Ralph Malone575000
30Mark Andrews572000
31Michael Amato563000
32Luke Hasler558000
33Greg cook527000
34Matty B413000
35James Kemp390000
36Vince Maple389000
37Ollie Coe388000
38Bradley Young387000
39Thomas Neild360000
40Beth Hamilton357000
41Andrew Runagall356000
42Stewart Wood353000
43Steven Clinton345000
44Josh Mulder340000
45Joe Arthur337000
46Alan West333000
47Illisia Adams330000
48Nick McLean324000
49Aiden Shaw317000
50Frederick Hiscock291000
51Luke Brunt280000
52Niall Conroy276000
53Peter Cotter271000
54Olly Curtis270000
55James Munday268000
56Adam Reynolds267000
57Adam Mallet264000
58Paul Curtis262000
59David Munday247000
60Rhys Gardiner244000
60Luke Record244000
62Gary Stringer239000
63Luke Mallett236000
64Jemma Small234000
64Daniel Barnes234000
66Phillip Smy232000
67Luke Earle227000
68Jonathan Levy220000
69Joshua Sandys219000
70Robert Jordan218000
71Moggy Walls217000
72Tyla Evans215000
73Dylan Bish213000
73Jamie Chin213000
75Adam Smith212000
76Ben Batchelor211000
77William Burroughs210000
79Jed Cartwright205000
80Joe Wilson203000
81Andy Brown198000
82Mark Bishop197000
83Chris Thomas196000
84Matthew Brown191000
85Tom Nichols185000
86Brandon Newman182000
87Paul Campbell179000
88Jack Marsh177000
88Hadley Miller177000
90Olie Adams176000
90Stephen Bishop176000
92Joe Cason174000
92Ally Bishop174000
94Zion Morriso173000
95Owen Verrill171000
96George Theze170000
97Maxwell Newman167000
98Blaise Guy164000
98Tris Kaye164000
100Stuart Cameron162000
101Howard Burroughs160000
102Stephen Geer159000
103Jose Jones157000
104George Ricci153000
105Brandon Cook152000
105Jemma Hamilton152000
107Rachel Goodwin149000
108George Slade148000
109Robert Coe135000
110Ashley Payne132000
111Charlie Atkins130000
112Cameron Miller127000
113Josh Walton126000
114Mitchell Dickenson122000
115Ellie Kaye119000
115Steve Perry119000
117Ingrid Mykura110000
118Bailey Hudson108000
119George Flint98000
120James McLean95000
121Shelley Hubble94000
122Elliot Grimmie89000
122Michael Lang89000
124Oliver Mulder83000
125Paul Newman82000
126Theo Wood81000
127Martin Porter80000
128Debbie Cotter74000
129Lewis Cooney73600
130Jax Avery72000
131Ged Gallagher70000
132Callum Harvey66000
133Connor Tierney65000
134Adrian Fibbens50000
135Sharna Smart41800
136Stuart Foreman22600
137Laurie Hogben16000


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Connor McMahon3:33"63100
2Andrew Runagall3:37"4395
3Harry Thomas3:37"9990
4Phil Holmes3:38"1585
5Ollie Coe3:38"4980
6Chris Thomas3:38"6475
7Robert McMahon3:38"7970
8Jon Buchan3:38"8465
9Darryl Smith-Durrant3:38"9660
10Xavier Selva3:39"0455
11Bobby Dixon3:39"7150
12Luke Record3:40"0545
13Josh Mulder3:40"1640
14Howard Burroughs3:41"1635
15James Munday3:41"6530
16Lawrence Quayle3:41"9825
17George Ricci3:43"2020
18Sam Alleyne3:43"8815
18Ashley Payne3:43"8815
20Robert Mitcham3:44"2710
21David Munday3:44"618
22Stuart Cameron3:45"196
23Matthew Gallagher3:45"604
24Dylan Bish3:45"652
25Rich Baker3:45"751
26Steve Campbell3:45"960
27Paul Newman3:46"170
28Bailey Miller3:46"460
29Olie Adams3:46"560
30Niall Conroy3:46"760
31Karl Huggins3:47"700
32Adrian Fibbens3:47"780
33Joe Cason3:47"810
33Frank Gasking3:47"810
35William Burroughs3:48"150
36James Kemp3:48"200
37Jed Cartwright3:48"240
38Adam Bishop3:48"380
39Elliot Grimmie3:48"400
40Frederick Hiscock3:48"690
41Luke Chuter3:48"950
42Stuart Foreman3:49"040
43Robert Jordan3:49"120
44Jonathan Levy3:49"180
45Peter Cotter3:49"460
46Rachel Goodwin3:49"650
47Luke Hasler3:50"030
48Daniel Barnes3:50"610
49Luke Earle3:51"120
50Luke Brunt3:51"450
51Gordon Sinclair3:51"520
52Owen Verrill3:52"370
53Adam Mallet3:52"980
54Hadley Miller3:53"120
55Adam Smith3:53"360
56Stewart Wood3:53"490
58Josh Walton3:53"680
59Martin Brear3:54"100
59Stephen Geer3:54"100
61Aiden Shaw3:54"140
62Shelley Hubble3:54"410
63Olly Curtis3:54"710
64Mark Bishop3:55"050
65Lee Ali3:55"060
66George Theze3:55"170
67Bradley Young3:55"550
68Illisia Adams3:55"750
69Paul Tann3:56"610
70Michael Amato3:56"760
71Moggy Walls3:57"080
72Steven Clinton3:57"220
73Sharna Smart3:57"310
74Phillip Smy3:57"510
75Jamie Chin3:57"530
76Cameron Miller3:57"970
77Tom Nichols3:58"050
78Beth Hamilton3:58"150
79Paul Curtis3:58"900
80Mark Andrews3:58"970
81Thomas Neild3:58"990
82Nick McLean3:59"340
83Gary Stringer3:59"870
84Tyla Evans4:00"080
85Ant Lewis4:00"240
86Adam Reynolds4:00"510
87Ralph Malone4:00"880
88Bailey Hudson4:00"940
89Luke Mallett4:01"170
91Steve Perry4:01"890
92Jemma Small4:02"100
93Blaise Guy4:02"160
94Matty B4:02"460
95Mat Corne4:02"510
96Ben Batchelor4:02"990
97Brandon Cook4:03"210
98Stephen Bishop4:03"740
99George Slade4:04"710
100Robert Coe4:04"970
101Brandon Newman4:05"180
102Oliver Mulder4:05"400
103Ingrid Mykura4:05"440
104Andy Brown4:05"950
105Lewis Cooney4:06"380
106Rhys Gardiner4:06"730
107Alan West4:06"890
108Neil Stone4:08"570
109Mitchell Dickenson4:09"490
110Callum Harvey4:09"960
111Ally Bishop4:10"160
112Ged Gallagher4:11"100
113Jemma Hamilton4:12"190
114Michael Lang4:12"420
115Desmond Flint4:13"760
116Vince Maple4:14"360
117Jose Jones4:15"440
118Jack Marsh4:16"690
119Matthew Brown4:18"520
120Theo Wood4:19"940
121Charlie Atkins4:20"310
122Paul Campbell4:20"960
123Joe Wilson4:22"060
124Laurie Hogben4:24"100
125James McLean4:26"900
126Debbie Cotter4:31"640
127Maxwell Newman4:32"520
128Joe Arthur4:36"190
129Connor Tierney4:38"410
130Greg cook4:39"410
131Jax Avery4:42"550
132Tris Kaye4:48"600
133Zion Morriso4:51"580
134Joshua Sandys4:56"160
135Ellie Kaye5:07"120
136George Flint6:04"610
137Martin Porter7:07"880


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Robert Mitcham38925100
2Mat Corne2835095
3Lawrence Quayle2662090
4Stuart Cameron2400085
5Steven Clinton2370080
6Jon Buchan2295075
7Darryl Smith-Durrant1830070
8Harry Thomas1740065
9William Burroughs1694260
10Bobby Dixon1635055
11Vince Maple1612550
12Xavier Selva1605045
13Chris Thomas1590040
14Niall Conroy1567535
15Matty B1492530
16Michael Lang1470025
17Mark Andrews1447520
18Rachel Goodwin1432515
19Bailey Miller1410012
20Frank Gasking1357510
21Phil Holmes132008
22Gordon Sinclair131256
23Sam Alleyne129004
23Adam Reynolds129004
23Nick McLean129004
26Martin Brear126000
26Andrew Runagall126000
28Luke Record121500
29Elliot Grimmie119250
30Daniel Barnes118500
31Ben Batchelor114750
32George Theze114500
33Gary Stringer111000
34Mark Bishop104250
35Rich Baker102500
36Robert McMahon101250
37Michael Amato100500
38Robert Jordan99750
38Desmond Flint99750
38Jamie Chin99750
38Karl Huggins99750
42Aiden Shaw99000
42Jed Cartwright99000
44Theo Wood97500
45Steve Perry96000
45Illisia Adams96000
47Jemma Hamilton88500
48Bailey Hudson86250
49Zion Morriso85500
49Jack Marsh85500
51Beth Hamilton84750
52Blaise Guy84000
53Brandon Newman83250
54Luke Chuter81750
55George Slade80250
55Jose Jones80250
57Joe Arthur77250
57Jonathan Levy77250
59Joe Cason75000
60Laurie Hogben72750
60Alan West72750
62Peter Cotter72000
63Luke Brunt71000
64David Munday70500
65Lee Ali69000
66Olie Adams67500
67Steve Campbell66000
67Owen Verrill66000
69Shelley Hubble64500
70Luke Hasler62250
71Maxwell Newman61500
72Mitchell Dickenson60750
73Neil Stone60000
73Phillip Smy60000
75Sharna Smart59250
76Rhys Gardiner58500
76Callum Harvey58500
78Ollie Coe56250
79Lewis Cooney55500
79Paul Newman55500
81Ant Lewis54750
81Howard Burroughs54750
83Paul Tann54000
83Moggy Walls54000
85Ally Bishop53250
86Josh Walton52500
87Martin Porter51750
88Joshua Sandys51000
89Ged Gallagher49500
90Paul Campbell48000
90Ashley Payne48000
92George Flint45750
93Stewart Wood45000
94Robert Coe43500
94Frederick Hiscock43500
96Josh Mulder42000
96Tom Nichols42000
96James McLean42000
100Andy Brown40500
102Ellie Kaye37500
103Adam Mallet36750
103Jemma Small36750
105Thomas Neild36000
106Matthew Gallagher35250
107Connor McMahon34600
108Dylan Bish34500
108George Ricci34500
108Ingrid Mykura34500
111Tyla Evans33000
112Stuart Foreman32250
113Luke Mallett31500
113Stephen Geer31500
113Greg cook31500
116Bradley Young30000
116Connor Tierney30000
118Luke Earle29250
119Hadley Miller28500
119Matthew Brown28500
121James Munday28000
121Debbie Cotter28000
123Adam Bishop27500
124Jax Avery27000
124Paul Curtis27000
126Stephen Bishop25500
126Oliver Mulder25500
126Ralph Malone25500
126James Kemp25500
126Adam Smith25500
131Olly Curtis24000
131Joe Wilson24000
133Adrian Fibbens21000
134Brandon Cook20250
135Cameron Miller18750
136Tris Kaye18000
137Charlie Atkins10500


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Harry Thomas8317050100
2Jon Buchan689474095
3Darryl Smith-Durrant685362090
4Luke Hasler552426085
5Daniel Barnes440140080
6Martin Brear196458075
7Lee Ali175701070
8Phil Holmes173439065
9Elliot Grimmie171202060
10Bobby Dixon159591055
11Steve Campbell157787050
12Mark Andrews152891045
13Lawrence Quayle136217040
14William Burroughs131999035
15Matty B129612030
16Andrew Runagall119544025
17Paul Tann117205020
18Neil Stone116505015
19Stewart Wood108669012
20Sam Alleyne104875010
21Ralph Malone10478208
22Joe Cason10235006
23Xavier Selva9407704
24Karl Huggins9232302
25Luke Chuter8941601
26Howard Burroughs8716800
27Peter Cotter8562500
28Mat Corne8183500
29James Munday7796900
30Aiden Shaw7275000
31Robert Mitcham7054300
32Bailey Miller6610500
33Adam Mallet6439300
34Frank Gasking6264900
35Illisia Adams6261800
36Ingrid Mykura6238700
37Ollie Coe6065000
38Vince Maple5865400
39Chris Thomas5802300
40Jed Cartwright5697700
41Frederick Hiscock5607400
42Adam Bishop5579500
43Owen Verrill5568900
44Rich Baker5266200
45Olie Adams5234500
46Gordon Sinclair4960100
47Michael Lang4960000
48Stephen Geer4873600
49Nick McLean4859600
50Robert McMahon4738400
51Luke Record4577400
52Steven Clinton4338300
53Niall Conroy4329000
54Desmond Flint4310100
55Luke Brunt4240300
56Connor McMahon4232000
57Joe Wilson4204100
58Stuart Cameron4198300
59Ant Lewis4129900
60Steve Perry4121100
62Adam Reynolds3842000
63Paul Campbell3756700
64Laurie Hogben3754600
65Bradley Young3726300
66Bailey Hudson3706600
67Stuart Foreman3674400
68Moggy Walls3664000
69Adam Smith3640300
70Josh Walton3637300
71Tom Nichols3593700
72Phillip Smy3587200
73Tyla Evans3517100
74Thomas Neild3490800
75Ashley Payne3400300
76Matthew Gallagher3338900
77Andy Brown3232600
78Gary Stringer3232300
79Matthew Brown3108500
80Alan West3087300
81James Kemp3059500
82Michael Amato3013500
83Brandon Cook2990400
84Shelley Hubble2957200
85Mark Bishop2948500
86Stephen Bishop2916300
87Lewis Cooney2827800
88Hadley Miller2820200
89Callum Harvey2760200
90Josh Mulder2757800
91Brandon Newman2746400
92Jemma Hamilton2680200
93Jemma Small2664200
94George Ricci2659900
95David Munday2658200
96Cameron Miller2628600
97Rachel Goodwin2614900
98Robert Jordan2582300
99Luke Earle2535500
100Paul Newman2492000
101Joe Arthur2490500
102Blaise Guy2490000
103Jamie Chin2443100
104Paul Curtis2402000
105Charlie Atkins2363500
106Jose Jones2266500
107George Slade2120600
108Mitchell Dickenson2119400
109Dylan Bish2117900
110Sharna Smart2109800
111Maxwell Newman2043100
112Debbie Cotter2016500
113Ally Bishop1798000
114Theo Wood1787800
115Beth Hamilton1787000
116Jonathan Levy1736000
117George Flint1729600
118Robert Coe1722700
119Ben Batchelor1689600
120Greg cook1657800
121Connor Tierney1654400
123Jack Marsh1541500
124Luke Mallett1494100
125Rhys Gardiner1479100
126Zion Morriso1445700
127Joshua Sandys1429400
128James McLean1310900
129Ged Gallagher1279300
130Tris Kaye1249200
131Jax Avery939300
132Ellie Kaye904500
133Olly Curtis875600
134George Theze765800
135Oliver Mulder680600
136Martin Porter520600
137Adrian Fibbens219800