On 11th October 2014, Play Expo hosted the final heat in the 2014 Classic Gaming Championships.

78 gamers took part with 52 of them notching scores on the leaderboard. Gavin Ward was the overall winner and took the very last place in the Grand Final. Robert Peckett and Spencer Guest pushed Gavin all the way and took 2nd and 3rd respectively. Full scores for each game and the overall rankings are posted below.

For more pictures from LFCC, check out the Manchester Heat page.

Overall Rankings (scroll down for game scores)


RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1Gavin Ward380
2Robert Peckett360
3Spencer Guest345
4Retro Lord Bob330
5Adam Price255
6Liam Turner247
7Christopher Brown230
8Andrew Hannay220
9Rhys Wynne215
10Retro Lord Lozz210
11James Lombard191
12Mike Taylor182
13Damion Ferguson164
14Jason Warner146
15Ryan Davies145
16Brian Jordan125
17Peter Susse117
18Gaz Backhouse116
19David Watts115
20Ashley Woodcock90
21Adam Hepton77
21James Thornley77
21Ben Jones77
24Richard Farmer73
25Christian Gaster70
25Reuben Evans70
27Grace Barnes64
28James Hanson62
29Paul Jordan53
30Chris Minney51
31Jonio Duffy50
31Gareth Corner50
33Aaron Ferguson45
34Thomas Regan40
35Ben Hume35
35Jacob Mitchell35
37Anthony Messenger30
37Gavin Davies30
37Nicky Taylor30
40Paul Hobson27
41Sarim Iqbal25
41Scott Billing25
41Lewis Firth25
44Jerry Moore24
45Reece Bleasdale23
46Stuart Jones13
47Leighton Mitchell10
48Kyle Watson9
49Andrew McNamee8
50Andrew Flood6
51Omer Khwaja2
51Dominic Brand2
53Liam Hickson0
53Robert Tomlinson0
53Robert Quinn0
53Leon Gaster0
53Tyler Waddington0
53Lucas Hume0
53Lincoln Lawson0
53John Regan0
53Christina Regan0
53Andy Roan0
53Craig Jordan0
53Elizabeth Gray0
53Daniel Poxon0
53Sam Bean0
53Gemma Beech0
53Autumn Wharrier0
53Samson Firth0
53Chris O'Regan0
53Kelly Rodden0
53Douglas Cooper0
53Paul Knight0


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Gavin Ward2932100
2James Lombard194895
3Brian Jordan187190
4Retro Lord Bob178185
5Robert Peckett170080
6Ben Jones160275
7Reuben Evans156370
8Retro Lord Lozz154965
9Jason Warner154060
10Grace Barnes151555
11Gareth Corner149550
12Christopher Brown149245
12Damion Ferguson149245
14Ben Hume145935
15Thomas Regan145430
16Scott Billing141825
17Jerry Moore141420
18Peter Susse129815
19Adam Hepton126712
20Rhys Wynne120510
21Paul Jordan11158
22Chris Minney10856
23Ryan Davies10234
24Liam Turner9812
25Stuart Jones9631
26Samson Firth9600
27Andrew Flood9550
28Kyle Watson9460
29Robert Quinn9310
30Gaz Backhouse9300
31Spencer Guest9050
32Leighton Mitchell8980
33Mike Taylor8910
34Adam Price8870
35Andrew Hannay8850
36James Hanson8780
37Paul Hobson8730
38Andrew McNamee8550
39Ashley Woodcock8530
40Reece Bleasdale8510
40Douglas Cooper8510
42Chris O'Regan8410
43Lewis Firth8270
44Christian Gaster8130
45James Thornley7430
46Robert Tomlinson7400
47Dominic Brand7160
48Omer Khwaja7050
49Craig Jordan6900
50Richard Farmer6880
51Jonio Duffy6770
52Elizabeth Gray6590
53Gavin Davies6330
54Lucas Hume5850
55Christina Regan5760
56Kelly Rodden5680
57David Watts5490
58Anthony Messenger4880
59Daniel Poxon4710
60Sarim Iqbal4630
61Gemma Beech4580
62Paul Knight4540
63Liam Hickson4270
64John Regan3620
65Andy Roan3380
66Sam Bean2920
67Aaron Ferguson2890
68Lincoln Lawson2810
69Leon Gaster2370
70Tyler Waddington2140
71Nicky Taylor2130
72Jacob Mitchell1950
73Autumn Wharrier1320



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Retro Lord Bob67500100
2Adam Price6540095
3Spencer Guest4200090
4Robert Peckett4030085
5Andrew Hannay3400080
6Retro Lord Lozz3360075
7Christian Gaster3280070
8Ryan Davies3230065
9James Hanson3130060
10Gavin Ward2880055
11Mike Taylor2600050
12Liam Turner2500045
13Adam Hepton2470040
14Brian Jordan2430035
15Christopher Brown2390030
16Lewis Firth2360025
17James Lombard2290020
18Jonio Duffy2240015
19Paul Hobson2230012
19James Thornley2230012
21Richard Farmer221008
21Andrew McNamee221008
23Kyle Watson218004
24Omer Khwaja215002
25Grace Barnes213001
26Peter Susse212000
27Rhys Wynne206000
27Jason Warner206000
29Gaz Backhouse205000
30Thomas Regan202000
31Scott Billing193000
31Damion Ferguson193000
33Ashley Woodcock190000
34Chris O'Regan187000
35Paul Jordan186000
35Gareth Corner186000
37Anthony Messenger185000
38Craig Jordan181000
39Ben Hume179000
39Andrew Flood179000
41Paul Knight171000
42Dominic Brand163000
43Robert Quinn161000
43Andy Roan161000
45Ben Jones160000
46Gavin Davies159000
47Stuart Jones157000
48Leighton Mitchell155000
49Douglas Cooper148000
50Leon Gaster145000
50Elizabeth Gray145000
50David Watts145000
53Chris Minney143000
54Reece Bleasdale141000
55Reuben Evans139000
56Sam Bean133000
57Sarim Iqbal130000
58Daniel Poxon124000
59Samson Firth122000
60Robert Tomlinson118000
61Aaron Ferguson111000
62Tyler Waddington107000
63Jerry Moore105000
64Liam Hickson94000
65Lucas Hume75000
66Autumn Wharrier73000
67Jacob Mitchell71600
68Lincoln Lawson65000
69Kelly Rodden61000
70John Regan34000
71Gemma Beech25000
72Christina Regan17000
73Nicky Taylor6000



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1David Watts156030100
2Rhys Wynne9164095
3Peter Susse8628090
4Christopher Brown7771085
5Spencer Guest7066080
6Retro Lord Bob5085075
7Andrew Hannay4949070
8James Thornley4272065
9Gavin Ward3934060
10Damion Ferguson3400055
11Liam Turner3313050
12Aaron Ferguson3187045
13James Lombard2972040
14Jacob Mitchell2971035
15Nicky Taylor2871030
16Robert Peckett2832025
17Retro Lord Lozz2705020
18Reece Bleasdale2622015
19Mike Taylor2610012
20Anthony Messenger2549010
20Adam Price2549010
22Gaz Backhouse253206
23Jerry Moore237204
24James Hanson222702
25Ryan Davies215001
26Scott Billing211800
27Andrew McNamee187500
27Dominic Brand187500
29Lucas Hume167700
30Jonio Duffy159800
31Brian Jordan144800
32Gavin Davies144000
33Richard Farmer139000
34Leighton Mitchell121700
35Gemma Beech118200
36Chris Minney115200
37Christian Gaster104300
38Liam Hickson102900
39Ashley Woodcock100600
40Grace Barnes93000
41Robert Tomlinson87000
42Andrew Flood85900
43Adam Hepton82000
43Jason Warner82000
45Kyle Watson75900
46Sam Bean68700
47Thomas Regan63700
48Kelly Rodden61600
49Paul Hobson60100
50Paul Jordan55700
51Tyler Waddington51400
52Paul Knight48600
53Douglas Cooper47800
54Lincoln Lawson47000
55John Regan46000
56Omer Khwaja41700
57Chris O'Regan40700
58Sarim Iqbal37300
59Daniel Poxon36900
60Stuart Jones32900
61Lewis Firth32200
62Autumn Wharrier30500
63Reuben Evans25600
64Craig Jordan24000
65Ben Hume23700
66Robert Quinn22000
67Ben Jones20100
68Elizabeth Gray16500
69Andy Roan16200
70Samson Firth15100
71Leon Gaster13700
72Gareth Corner13500
73Christina Regan7100



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Spencer Guest0:32"00100
2Liam Turner0:33"3995
3Gaz Backhouse0:33"8690
4Robert Peckett0:33"9385
5Mike Taylor0:34"5480
6Ryan Davies0:35"2275
7Retro Lord Bob0:35"6570
8Gavin Ward0:35"9765
9Rhys Wynne0:36"1160
10Adam Price0:36"1755
11Retro Lord Lozz0:37"5050
12Chris Minney0:39"0945
13Christopher Brown0:39"1040
14James Lombard0:39"6235
15Gavin Davies0:41"5330
16Sarim Iqbal0:41"5825
17Anthony Messenger0:42"0020
18David Watts0:42"5315
19Peter Susse0:42"7112
20Thomas Regan0:42"7610
21Grace Barnes0:43"168
22Jason Warner0:44"036
23Damion Ferguson0:44"114
24Dominic Brand0:44"582
25Kyle Watson0:44"651
26Adam Hepton0:44"660
27Ashley Woodcock0:44"780
28Ben Jones0:44"880
29Jonio Duffy0:45"200
30Reece Bleasdale0:47"600
31Andrew McNamee0:48"320
32Andrew Hannay0:48"480
33Paul Hobson0:48"750
34Andy Roan0:50"560
35Leighton Mitchell0:51"990
36James Thornley0:52"620
37Liam Hickson0:52"790
38Aaron Ferguson0:52"890
39Gareth Corner0:55"220
40Robert Quinn0:55"550
41Richard Farmer0:56"630
42Gemma Beech0:57"130
43Ben Hume0:57"700
44Jacob Mitchell0:57"930
45Andrew Flood0:58"230
46Christina Regan0:58"530
47Scott Billing0:59"760
48Elizabeth Gray0:59"930
49Omer Khwaja1:00"970
50Reuben Evans1:01"050
51Christian Gaster1:01"660
52Leon Gaster1:02"370
53Douglas Cooper1:02"490
54Robert Tomlinson1:05"410
55Sam Bean1:06"070
56Craig Jordan1:06"530
57Chris O'Regan1:07"960
58Samson Firth1:08"020
59Kelly Rodden1:08"250
60Jerry Moore1:09"900
61Daniel Poxon1:10"610
62Nicky Taylor1:11"290
63John Regan1:13"330
64James Hanson1:15"390
65Brian Jordan1:16"880
66Lincoln Lawson1:32"110
67Paul Jordan1:33"190
68Paul Knight1:34"200
69Lewis Firth1:47"670
70Stuart Jones1:54"910
71Tyler Waddington2:06"640
72Lucas Hume2:30"130
73Autumn Wharrier3:57"040



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Gavin Ward1:16"77100
2Adam Price1:16"8395
3Ashley Woodcock1:16"9590
4Robert Peckett1:19"5485
5Jason Warner1:20"0180
6Spencer Guest1:21"0975
7Andrew Hannay1:21"9670
8Richard Farmer1:22"3865
9Damion Ferguson1:22"7060
10Liam Turner1:23"2255
11Rhys Wynne1:23"9150
12Paul Jordan1:24"6145
13Mike Taylor1:24"9940
14Jonio Duffy1:25"5535
15Christopher Brown1:25"6230
16Adam Hepton1:25"7425
17Gaz Backhouse1:25"9220
18Paul Hobson1:26"0815
19Stuart Jones1:27"0212
20Leighton Mitchell1:27"2610
21Reece Bleasdale1:28"578
22Andrew Flood1:28"716
23Kyle Watson1:29"134
24Ben Jones1:29"212
25James Lombard1:29"271
26Retro Lord Lozz1:29"660
27Liam Hickson1:29"900
28Lewis Firth1:31"830
29Omer Khwaja1:33"270
30Chris Minney1:33"680
31Retro Lord Bob1:34"020
32James Hanson1:34"160
33David Watts1:34"360
34Scott Billing1:34"500
35Elizabeth Gray1:34"740
36Peter Susse1:35"690
37Grace Barnes1:35"810
38James Thornley1:36"470
39Robert Tomlinson1:36"650
40Ben Hume1:37"370
41Gemma Beech1:37"410
42Andrew McNamee1:37"880
43Ryan Davies1:38"240
44Gareth Corner1:38"860
45Robert Quinn1:42"240
46Lucas Hume1:42"960
47Thomas Regan1:43"020
48Paul Knight1:43"040
49Chris O'Regan1:43"060
50Christian Gaster1:44"050
51Douglas Cooper1:45"030
52Sam Bean1:45"190
53Kelly Rodden1:45"410
54Anthony Messenger1:46"240
55Gavin Davies1:46"780
56Sarim Iqbal1:46"980
57Jerry Moore1:47"160
58Daniel Poxon1:48"130
59Samson Firth1:49"520
60John Regan1:53"090
61Brian Jordan1:53"350
62Leon Gaster1:54"660
63Craig Jordan1:54"820
64Tyler Waddington1:54"960
65Dominic Brand1:56"970
66Aaron Ferguson1:57"620
67Reuben Evans1:58"780
68Andy Roan1:59"670
69Nicky Taylor2:08"790
70Jacob Mitchell2:10"880
71Christina Regan2:17"030
72Lincoln Lawson2:22"440
73Autumn Wharrier2:46"180