London (LFCC)

IMG_2056On 11-13 July 2014, London Film & Comic Con hosted the 7th heat in the 2014 Classic Gaming Championships.

35 players registered to compete with 27 of them managing to notch points on the leaderboard. Robert Mitcham eventually took the crown,  beating Rich Baker into 2nd and Ryan Cooper and Stevie Griffiths into joint 3rd.

Full scores for each game and the overall rankings are below. For more pictures from LFCC, check out the London (LFCC) Heat page.


Overall Rankings (scroll down for game scores)

RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1Robert Mitcham470
2Rich Baker375
3Ryan Cooper315
3Stevie Griffiths315
5Ian Gale300
6Cameron Keeler295
7Ben Collins-Jones290
8Raffaele Altieri285
9Jake Manning259
10Francis Sprigg258
11Elliot Sumners255
12Jasmine McQuain230
13Rufus Redwood-Rowe219
14Duke of Havoc215
15William Sumners197
16David Fenlon182
17Connor Fabela181
18Marcus O'Neil176
19Lee Fairclough119
20Carl O'Sullivan107
21Kirk Beasley102
22Marc Tero81
23Mark Venner79
24Jake Teasdale69
25Elvira Ricote24
26Jake Cober6



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Rufus Redwood-Rowe17300100
2David Fenlon1657095
3Jake Manning1632090
4Ryan Cooper1480085
5Rich Baker1310080
6Robert Mitcham1184075
7Ian Gale1162070
8Connor Fabela1110065
9Francis Sprigg972060
10Ben Collins-Jones906055
11Cameron Keeler840050
12Raffaele Altieri782045
13Duke of Havoc759040
14Elliot Sumners722035
15Stevie Griffiths613030
16Jasmine McQuain582025
17Marcus O'Neil537520
18Marc Tero522015
19Lee Fairclough486012
20Kirk Beasley476010
21Jake Teasdale47408
22Carl O'Sullivan43506
22Mark Venner43506
24William Sumners37102
25Elvira Ricote36701
26Jake Cober1900



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Robert Mitcham48000100
2Connor Fabela4340095
3Jake Manning3980090
4Rich Baker3520085
5Elliot Sumners3320080
6Ben Collins-Jones3310075
7Cameron Keeler3080070
8Stevie Griffiths2730065
9Kirk Beasley2680060
10Ryan Cooper2580055
11Duke of Havoc2160050
12Jasmine McQuain1810045
13Ian Gale1770040
14William Sumners1610035
15Raffaele Altieri1180030
16Carl O'Sullivan970025
17Francis Sprigg880020
17Marc Tero880020
19Jake Teasdale870012
19David Fenlon870012
21Lee Fairclough80008
22Elvira Ricote69006
22Marcus O'Neil69006
24Rufus Redwood-Rowe66002
25Mark Venner28001
26Jake Cober25000



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Robert Mitcham31660100
2Stevie Griffiths3141195
3Ryan Cooper2667090
4Cameron Keeler2519085
5William Sumners2471080
6Ian Gale2364075
7Mark Venner2323070
8Raffaele Altieri2020065
9Jake Manning1896060
10Ben Collins-Jones1552055
11Elliot Sumners1388050
12Jake Teasdale1057145
13David Fenlon1044140
14Jasmine McQuain983035
15Marcus O'Neil911030
16Rich Baker904025
17Marc Tero834020
18Duke of Havoc792015
19Lee Fairclough750012
20Kirk Beasley550010
21Francis Sprigg48808
22Carl O'Sullivan43406
23Connor Fabela42504
24Rufus Redwood-Rowe32712
25Elvira Ricote25011
26Jake Cober23710



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Robert Mitcham63442100
2Rich Baker3585095
3Stevie Griffiths2617590
4Francis Sprigg1399185
5Raffaele Altieri1245080
6Ben Collins-Jones1070075
7Jasmine McQuain1035070
8Cameron Keeler1014065
9Marcus O'Neil1004060
10Carl O'Sullivan785155
11Elliot Sumners770050
12Ian Gale705045
13Ryan Cooper690040
14Rufus Redwood-Rowe672135
15William Sumners660530
16David Fenlon585025
17Kirk Beasley547520
18Jake Manning517515
19Lee Fairclough500012
20Duke of Havoc458010
21Elvira Ricote41258
22Marc Tero30206
23Jake Teasdale25504
24Connor Fabela9002
25Mark Venner6001
26Jake Cober4000



1Duke of Havoc59000100
2Robert Mitcham5713095
3Rich Baker5178090
4Francis Sprigg4985985
5Rufus Redwood-Rowe2237080
6Lee Fairclough2000075
7Ian Gale1921070
8Raffaele Altieri1083065
9Marcus O'Neil918060
10Jasmine McQuain515055
11William Sumners305050
12Ryan Cooper256045
13Elliot Sumners241040
14Stevie Griffiths180035
15Ben Collins-Jones154030
16Cameron Keeler143025
17Marc Tero113020
18Carl O'Sullivan109015
18Connor Fabela109015
20David Fenlon102010
21Elvira Ricote9408
22Jake Cober9106
23Jake Manning4104
24Kirk Beasley2902
25Mark Venner1801
26Jake Teasdale900