20140329_121406EGX Rezzed at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham hosted the 3rd heat in the 2014 Classic Gaming Championships on 28-30 March 2014.

104 players registered to compete with 50 of them managing to notch points on the scoreboard. Barry Susse took the crown,  beating Andrew Runagall and Anthony Valance into 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Full scores for each game and the overall rankings are below. For more pictures from EGX Rezzed, check out the Birmingham Heat page.


Overall Rankings (scroll down for game scores)

RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1Barry Susse365
2Andrew Runagall285
3Anthony Vanance248
4Cecil Etienne245
4Nathan Padion245
6Stephen Preston233
7Peter Susse230
8Sam Hughes220
9Robert Gordon190
10Rob Swindleshurst189
11Damion Ferguson165
12Lorna Owen-Evans164
13David De Wilde161
14Adam Keeton156
15Michael Baucutt150
16Gaz Backhouse147
17Adam Harris135
18Alistair Griggs130
18Clare Pearson130
18Ben Ford130
18Sam Challis130
22Peter Maloney128
23Ana Ribeiro127
24Tim Stoddard120
25Rory Cooke110
26Paul Holborn108
27Georgina Swallow95
28Kate Dunstone80
29Gary Taylor75
30Matthew Preston61
31Ben White60
32Rob Hewson50
32Jacob Holmes50
34Gary Rimmer46
35Liam Herbert45
36Srdjan Grubacki40
37Chris O'Regan30
38Pio Hendrickx25
39George Gibbons20
40Taylor Davis18
41James Sykes15
42Ian Griffiths12
43Matthew Wickham8
44Gareth Corner7
45Michael Kilfeather6
46Sean Robinson4
47Jason Denousse3
48Lorna Ohren-Evans2
48David Morbey2
48Sean Ardron2
51Rahsaan Harris0
51Claude Bahati0
51Alyssia Stephenson0
51Ed Small0
51Jenette Snelgrove0
51Charleigh Clark0
51Yasin Shabbaz0
51Lily Chambers0
51Samantha Rawlings0
51Elizabeth Gordon0
51Daniel Robinson0
51Matthew Hitchings0
51Alan Scott0
51Adam Hulme0
51Lewis Childs0
51Matthew Lee Taylor0
51George Featherstone0
51Haley Robinson0


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Clare Pearson3047100
2Barry Susse270395
3Nathan Padion197590
4Damion Ferguson182285
5Robert Gordon173580
6Georgina Swallow170875
7Tim Stoddard169970
8Sam Hughes163965
9Ben White160560
10Adam Keeton136855
11Peter Susse136650
12Kate Dunstone132745
13Gary Rimmer130740
14Peter Maloney130235
15Chris O'Regan120330
16Andrew Runagall116625
17Adam Harris115420
18Michael Baucutt112915
19Anthony Vanance106012
20Ben Ford96310
21Matthew Wickham9428
22David De Wilde9316
23Rory Cooke9224
24Jason Denousse8862
25Stephen Preston8441
26Gareth Corner8160
27Rob Hewson8090
28Michael Kilfeather7950
29Gary Taylor7550
30Alan Scott7170
31Alistair Griggs7140
32Yasin Shabbaz7050
33Cecil Etienne6980
34Ian Griffiths6920
35David Morbey6570
36Gaz Backhouse6400
37Elizabeth Gordon6290
38Jenette Snelgrove6200
39Matthew Hitchings6190
40Liam Herbert5910
41Lorna Owen-Evans5590
42Jacob Holmes5390
43George Gibbons5310
44Rob Swindleshurst5260
45Ed Small5210
46James Sykes5180
47Sam Challis5150
48Srdjan Grubacki5040
49Matthew Lee Taylor4940
50Sean Ardron4870
51Ana Ribeiro4760
52Pio Hendrickx4580
53Alyssia Stephenson4550
54Rahsaan Harris4460
55Haley Robinson4330
56Matthew Preston4220
57Taylor Davis4140
58Sean Robinson3910
59George Featherstone3370
60Lewis Childs3300
61Paul Holborn3280
62Charleigh Clark3100
63Lorna Ohren-Evans2660
64Lily Chambers2600
65Adam Hulme2520
66Samantha Rawlings2400
67Claude Bahati1920
68Daniel Robinson1620


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Barry Susse162100100
2Cecil Etienne9120095
3Rob Swindleshurst8860090
4Anthony Vanance6940085
5Adam Harris6680080
6David De Wilde6300075
7Peter Susse6070070
8Peter Maloney6020065
9Paul Holborn5920060
10Andrew Runagall5740055
11Ben Ford5680050
11Lorna Owen-Evans5680050
13Srdjan Grubacki5670040
14Damion Ferguson4160035
15Clare Pearson4110030
16Liam Herbert3680025
17George Gibbons3630020
18James Sykes3600015
19Stephen Preston3380012
20Rory Cooke3210010
21Taylor Davis285008
22Matthew Preston275006
22Gary Rimmer275006
24Gaz Backhouse274002
25Adam Keeton251001
26Ian Griffiths246000
27Matthew Wickham245000
28Nathan Padion243000
28Sean Ardron243000
30Alan Scott242000
31Jason Denousse229000
32Pio Hendrickx218000
33Matthew Lee Taylor213000
34Robert Gordon207000
35Sean Robinson205000
36Yasin Shabbaz203000
37Ana Ribeiro197000
37David Morbey197000
39Michael Kilfeather195000
40Rahsaan Harris188000
41Haley Robinson187000
42Chris O'Regan181000
42Matthew Hitchings181000
44Alyssia Stephenson172000
45Kate Dunstone170000
46Charleigh Clark164000
47Samantha Rawlings163000
48Georgina Swallow162000
49Claude Bahati159000
49Gareth Corner159000
51Gary Taylor155000
52Jacob Holmes152000
53Elizabeth Gordon151000
54Rob Hewson148000
54Ed Small148000
56Daniel Robinson139000
57George Featherstone102000
57Jenette Snelgrove102000
59Lily Chambers101000
60Tim Stoddard93000
61Ben White88000
62Alistair Griggs85000
63Sam Challis84000
64Michael Baucutt69000
65Adam Hulme65000
65Lewis Childs65000
67Lorna Ohren-Evans57000
68Sam Hughes52000


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Nathan Padion205040100
2Barry Susse17973195
3Stephen Preston10215090
4Andrew Runagall5885185
5David De Wilde5631080
6Rory Cooke5535175
7Ben Ford4438070
8Robert Gordon3456065
9Sam Hughes3280060
10Michael Baucutt3074155
11Jacob Holmes2882050
12Ana Ribeiro2739045
13Gaz Backhouse2650040
14Tim Stoddard2596035
15Peter Susse2487130
16Lorna Owen-Evans2382125
17Peter Maloney2373020
18Matthew Preston2359715
19Georgina Swallow1503012
20Taylor Davis1482010
21Paul Holborn140208
22Michael Kilfeather137216
23Rob Swindleshurst135104
24David Morbey132502
25Anthony Vanance126611
26Matthew Wickham122900
27Kate Dunstone121600
28Srdjan Grubacki115810
29Sam Challis105800
30Alyssia Stephenson97100
31Lorna Ohren-Evans96400
32Gary Taylor90600
33Liam Herbert87110
34Cecil Etienne78910
35Gareth Corner76400
36Alistair Griggs68700
37Gary Rimmer64000
38Elizabeth Gordon58200
39Adam Harris50800
40Ed Small49710
41Jason Denousse47400
42Sean Ardron44500
43Haley Robinson34800
44Clare Pearson30600
45Claude Bahati29900
46Charleigh Clark27100
47Lily Chambers26600
48Damion Ferguson25600
48Daniel Robinson25600
50James Sykes25000
51Alan Scott22200
52Matthew Lee Taylor21510
53Lewis Childs21500
53Matthew Hitchings21500
55George Gibbons20300
56Jenette Snelgrove19800
57Adam Hulme19500
58George Featherstone19300
59Sean Robinson17400
60Chris O'Regan16200
61Ben White13200
62Yasin Shabbaz12400
63Pio Hendrickx11800
64Rahsaan Harris11200
65Ian Griffiths7300
66Samantha Rawlings6910
67Rob Hewson6500
68Adam Keeton3310



RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Cecil Etienne0:31"03100
2Sam Hughes0:34"5595
3Andrew Runagall0:34"6790
4Lorna Owen-Evans0:35"3985
5Gaz Backhouse0:37"0380
6Stephen Preston0:39"4675
7Sam Challis0:40"4270
8Anthony Vanance0:41"2865
9Peter Susse0:41"6560
10Nathan Padion0:41"7255
11Rob Hewson0:41"8450
12Robert Gordon0:41"9345
13Alistair Griggs0:42"3840
14Adam Harris0:42"4735
15Matthew Preston0:43"2530
16Pio Hendrickx0:44"9725
17Liam Herbert0:45"4020
18Tim Stoddard0:45"5515
19Ana Ribeiro0:46"0012
20Gary Taylor0:46"3710
21Georgina Swallow0:46"538
22Rory Cooke0:47"076
23Sean Robinson0:47"154
24Lorna Ohren-Evans0:48"312
25Gareth Corner0:48"971
26Srdjan Grubacki0:49"780
27Jacob Holmes0:49"800
28Matthew Hitchings0:49"870
29Matthew Wickham0:50"300
30Barry Susse0:50"340
31David Morbey0:50"790
32Damion Ferguson0:51"000
33Lily Chambers0:51"130
34Sean Ardron0:51"940
35Yasin Shabbaz0:52"070
36Kate Dunstone0:52"470
37Adam Keeton0:52"490
38Samantha Rawlings0:52"770
39George Featherstone0:53"460
40Alan Scott0:53"500
41Lewis Childs0:53"740
42Rahsaan Harris0:54"090
43Elizabeth Gordon0:54"790
44Jason Denousse0:55"260
45Ed Small0:55"510
46Michael Baucutt0:55"680
47Paul Holborn0:56"020
48Haley Robinson0:57"720
49Clare Pearson0:57"800
50Charleigh Clark0:59"400
51Michael Kilfeather0:59"490
52Claude Bahati0:59"730
53Taylor Davis0:59"780
54Matthew Lee Taylor1:00"130
55Adam Hulme1:00"220
56David De Wilde1:00"990
57James Sykes1:01"750
58Ben Ford1:02"430
59Gary Rimmer1:02"460
60Peter Maloney1:03"570
61Ben White1:04"360
62Rob Swindleshurst1:04"800
63Daniel Robinson1:05"560
64Ian Griffiths1:07"740
65Jenette Snelgrove1:10"980
66Chris O'Regan1:16"110
67Alyssia Stephenson1:20"090
68George Gibbons1:50"430


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Adam Keeton1:20"83100
2Rob Swindleshurst1:20"9795
3Alistair Griggs1:21"9690
4Anthony Vanance1:22"2285
5Michael Baucutt1:22"4280
6Barry Susse1:22"7275
7Ana Ribeiro1:23"3670
8Gary Taylor1:24"1765
9Sam Challis1:24"5360
10Stephen Preston1:25"3155
11Cecil Etienne1:25"5750
12Damion Ferguson1:25"6045
13Paul Holborn1:26"0440
14Kate Dunstone1:26"1235
15Andrew Runagall1:27"6530
16Gaz Backhouse1:28"5325
17Peter Susse1:28"6720
18Rory Cooke1:28"7515
19Ian Griffiths1:28"9512
20Matthew Preston1:29"4310
21Peter Maloney1:29"568
22Gareth Corner1:30"466
23Lorna Owen-Evans1:30"804
24Sean Ardron1:30"822
25Jason Denousse1:31"101
26Ben Ford1:31"440
27Alan Scott1:31"750
28David Morbey1:32"090
29Nathan Padion1:32"290
30Tim Stoddard1:32"590
31Elizabeth Gordon1:32"870
32Rob Hewson1:33"210
33Liam Herbert1:33"860
34Clare Pearson1:34"080
35Robert Gordon1:34"140
36Matthew Hitchings1:34"250
37Matthew Wickham1:34"380
38Srdjan Grubacki1:34"720
39Yasin Shabbaz1:35"460
40Jacob Holmes1:36"350
41Gary Rimmer1:36"930
42Adam Harris1:36"950
43Georgina Swallow1:37"900
44Sam Hughes1:37"920
45George Gibbons1:38"920
46Lewis Childs1:39"060
47George Featherstone1:40"710
48Pio Hendrickx1:41"230
49Matthew Lee Taylor1:41"720
50Sean Robinson1:41"740
51David De Wilde1:41"780
52Ben White1:42"320
53Ed Small1:42"840
54Michael Kilfeather1:43"750
55Rahsaan Harris1:43"770
56Daniel Robinson1:45"920
57Charleigh Clark1:46"070
58Lorna Ohren-Evans1:48"850
59Samantha Rawlings1:50"320
60Alyssia Stephenson1:51"020
61Jenette Snelgrove1:51"160
62Chris O'Regan1:52"790
63James Sykes1:52"810
64Adam Hulme1:53"940
65Lily Chambers1:54"020
66Haley Robinson2:01"390
67Claude Bahati2:01"860
68Taylor Davis2:03"320