North East

CGC2014_Heat6_NERG_1stPlace_StephenHawes-Johnson_MedalOn 5/6 July 2014, NERG at the Gateshead International Stadium was the venue for the 6th heat in the 2014 Classic Gaming Championships.

136 players registered to compete with 60 of them managing to notch points on the leaderboard. It was a very tense final few hours of the tournament with the lead changing a number of times. Stephen Hawes-Johnson eventually took the crown,  beating Scott Owens and Dan Stephenson into 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Full scores for each game and the overall rankings are below. For more pictures from NERG, check out the North East Heat page.

Overall Rankings (scroll down for game scores)

RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1Stephen Hawes-Johnson320
2Scott Owens310
3Dan Stephenson295
4Barry Jack283
5Peter Kelly275
6James Lombard225
7Grace E Barnes210
8Nathan Young181
9Adam Myers177
10Ben Roscoe170
11Andrew Runagall160
12Anthony Murtha158
13Ben Coomber155
14Mick K145
15Adam Waugh130
16Phillip Anderson125
17Reuben Evans102
18Jackson Bland100
18Callum Turnbull100
18Jamie Fryer100
21Jamie Davies96
22Ken Howes95
23Jacob Kane90
24Greg Midwood85
25Liam Michael Davies80
26Paul Batten79
27Ben Hume70
28Kurt Pritchard66
29Adam Frater65
29Gary James Galley65
29Carl Sonley65
32Jim Mitchell60
32Matthew Bateman60
32Neil Lupton60
35Mark Potts55
36Brent Nolan52
37Darren Maycock50
37Peter Lee50
39Nick Scott49
40Robin Ayre45
41Rick Ferro42
42Graeme Donaldson40
43Michael Povey37
44Adam Colley35
45Dennis Kinghorn33
46Andrew Povey32
47Simon Bostock30
48Steven Hardy19
49Darren Fenn15
50Graeme Cooper12
51Amy Logan10
52Dan Brown8
53Dan bateman6
53Ethan Gray6
55Darren Tinmount4
56Leyton Evans2
56Leigh Romaniuk2
56Mark Hughes2
59Alex Keith1
59Jade Wilton1
61Shaun Kelly0
61Craig Ferguson0
61Matthew Bostock0
61Lorena Sibson0
61John Wilson0
61Steve Brown0
61Harry Morris0
61Jade Romaniuk0
61John connolly0
61Callum Summerson0
61Sarah Robinson0
61Matthew Gregg0
61Sophie Raine0
61Daniel Richardson0
61Lee Buckingham0
61Daniel Butterfield0
61Oliver Butt0
61C Scorer0
61James Queenan0
61Brooke Wickens0
61William Anderson0
61Michael Hull0
61Darren Saint0
61James Shortey0
61James Smith0


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Scott Owens43470100
2Anthony Murtha4074095
3Stephen Hawes-Johnson4022090
4Ben Coomber3560085
5Nathan Young2600080
6Paul Batten2340075
7Andrew Runagall2239070
8Mick K2039065
9Jim Mitchell2013060
10Jacob Kane1964055
11Darren Maycock1920050
12Jackson Bland1867045
12Ben Hume1867045
14Gary James Galley1740035
15Peter Kelly1647030
16Adam Waugh1589025
17Barry Jack1540020
18Grace E Barnes1538015
19Michael Povey1467012
20Ken Howes1455010
21Adam Colley144008
22Ethan Gray132806
23Matthew Bateman132204
24Leyton Evans132102
25Jade Wilton131001
26Oliver Butt130800
27Phillip Anderson130200
28Nick Scott128600
29Jamie Davies128500
30Graeme Cooper126200
31Rick Ferro124000
32Adam Myers121700
33Shaun Kelly121000
34Craig Ferguson116000
35Andrew Povey114100
36Matthew Bostock113600
37Callum Turnbull111500
38James Shortey110300
39C Scorer108800
40Alex Keith108400
41Neil Lupton108200
42Carl Sonley101000
43Sarah Robinson98100
44Dan bateman96000
44Darren Saint96000
46Dennis Kinghorn95500
47Harry Morris91300
48Ben Roscoe88500
49William Anderson88100
50Greg Midwood85200
51Adam Frater84700
52Jamie Fryer84600
53Graeme Donaldson83200
54Matthew Gregg82900
55Darren Tinmount77500
56John Wilson76900
57Daniel Butterfield73600
58Mark Potts70000
59Mark Hughes69100
61Simon Bostock61200
62Brent Nolan58300
63Callum Summerson57900
64Liam Michael Davies56600
65Daniel Richardson54700
66Michael Hull54600
67Jade Romaniuk53500
68Steve Brown53100
69James Lombard46800
70Dan Brown37700
71Dan Stephenson35700
72Sophie Raine33400
73James Queenan33100
74James Smith33000
75Robin Ayre28900
76Steven Hardy28700
77Leigh Romaniuk28400
78Kurt Pritchard28200
79Reuben Evans27700
80Peter Lee25900
81Lee Buckingham23300
82John connolly20800
83Lorena Sibson17600
84Brooke Wickens17200
85Darren Fenn16100
86Amy Logan3400


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Dan Stephenson106241100
2Ben Roscoe10455895
3Barry Jack7597790
4Adam Myers6065885
5Grace E Barnes3921380
6Stephen Hawes-Johnson3842975
7Peter Kelly3703970
8Adam Frater3493565
9Adam Waugh3167260
10Matthew Bateman2822655
11Phillip Anderson1983050
12Mick K1980045
13Callum Turnbull1899240
14James Lombard1884435
15Simon Bostock1867630
16Anthony Murtha1851925
17Scott Owens1348720
18Adam Colley1343015
19Reuben Evans1304012
20Amy Logan1244210
21Dan Brown117158
22Dan bateman112386
23Steven Hardy111244
24Mark Hughes93152
25Alex Keith92951
26Andrew Runagall74150
27James Queenan72390
28Andrew Povey56090
29Ben Coomber56000
30Graeme Donaldson53860
31Jamie Davies53420
32Darren Fenn52060
33Harry Morris51420
34Carl Sonley48760
35Mark Potts48240
36Nathan Young45470
38Paul Batten44100
39Dennis Kinghorn42000
40Graeme Cooper36140
41Nick Scott34800
42John connolly34540
43Ben Hume34120
44Brent Nolan30220
45Darren Maycock30050
46Liam Michael Davies28220
47Jade Romaniuk24350
48C Scorer24240
49Daniel Richardson24140
50Kurt Pritchard22950
51Lee Buckingham22000
52Jacob Kane20130
53Darren Tinmount16580
54Jade Wilton16220
55Peter Lee16020
56Neil Lupton16000
57Daniel Butterfield12250
58Greg Midwood12000
58Darren Saint12000
60Matthew Bostock9050
61Craig Ferguson9000
61Michael Povey9000
63Gary James Galley8520
64Jamie Fryer8380
65Jim Mitchell8130
66Sarah Robinson8090
67Lorena Sibson8010
68Steve Brown8000
68James Smith8000
70Matthew Gregg4480
71Jackson Bland4370
72James Shortey4210
73William Anderson4200
74Leyton Evans4140
75Ethan Gray4020
76Ken Howes4010
77John Wilson4000
77Rick Ferro4000
77Leigh Romaniuk4000
77Brooke Wickens4000
81Robin Ayre90
82Michael Hull60
83Shaun Kelly00
83Callum Summerson00
83Sophie Raine00
83Oliver Butt00


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1James Lombard333759100
2Peter Kelly24990995
3Reuben Evans21755590
4Ken Howes16803785
5Adam Myers15595580
6Grace E Barnes14750275
7Scott Owens13030870
8Phillip Anderson11907565
9Stephen Hawes-Johnson11459460
10Dan Stephenson11291555
11Peter Lee10870850
12Adam Waugh10425945
13Jackson Bland10328140
14Jacob Kane9498035
15Gary James Galley9438330
16Dennis Kinghorn9028725
17Andrew Povey8850720
18Steven Hardy5331915
19Adam Colley2421712
20Carl Sonley2384610
21Barry Jack194768
22Jamie Davies190986
23Darren Tinmount171124
24Brent Nolan162702
25Kurt Pritchard157311
26Mark Hughes156650
27Ben Roscoe156310
28Paul Batten153390
29Darren Fenn147020
30Dan bateman144470
31Daniel Richardson141680
32James Smith140800
33Craig Ferguson138020
34Lee Buckingham134640
35Ben Coomber134570
36John Wilson133680
37Andrew Runagall133450
38Simon Bostock131500
39James Shortey128380
40Daniel Butterfield128100
41Jamie Fryer126680
42Callum Turnbull122140
43Graeme Cooper116130
44Ben Hume113850
45Jade Romaniuk112460
46Adam Frater110820
47Jim Mitchell110120
49Shaun Kelly106320
50Leyton Evans103110
51Robin Ayre102920
52Amy Logan102110
53Callum Summerson101430
54Nick Scott99630
55Darren Saint97730
56Dan Brown87380
57Alex Keith85950
58John connolly83680
59Leigh Romaniuk80600
60Neil Lupton80320
61Anthony Murtha80030
62Harry Morris80000
63Darren Maycock79220
64Jade Wilton75430
65William Anderson73710
66Steve Brown73330
67Liam Michael Davies73310
68Nathan Young71680
69C Scorer71270
70Sarah Robinson70070
71Oliver Butt70000
72Matthew Bostock65790
73Sophie Raine65410
74Ethan Gray64150
75Rick Ferro62790
76Greg Midwood61620
77Graeme Donaldson61000
78Michael Povey60470
79Mick K58860
80James Queenan53240
81Michael Hull47680
82Matthew Gregg46270
83Mark Potts44300
84Lorena Sibson41980
85Matthew Bateman34590
86Brooke Wickens30160


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Jamie Fryer26496350100
2Barry Jack1883356095
3Jamie Davies1148392090
4Greg Midwood1125161085
5Liam Michael Davies1054357080
6Dan Stephenson1001150075
7Andrew Runagall890284070
8Kurt Pritchard889703065
9Callum Turnbull852726260
10Mark Potts800895055
11Brent Nolan796080050
12Robin Ayre764267045
13Rick Ferro679900040
14Scott Owens666125335
15Grace E Barnes643247030
16Michael Povey610825025
17Ben Coomber600483020
18Jackson Bland584848015
19Andrew Povey553596012
20Phillip Anderson515116010
21Anthony Murtha49304508
22Graeme Cooper47522306
23Nick Scott45297404
24Leigh Romaniuk44482202
25Nathan Young44087201
26Neil Lupton37532400
27Paul Batten36854700
28Jim Mitchell36609600
29Ben Roscoe34984900
30Mick K32613700
31John Wilson32515400
32Adam Colley30060200
33Simon Bostock28815400
34James Lombard28449200
35Stephen Hawes-Johnson27271500
36Peter Lee26716300
37Peter Kelly26091100
38Darren Maycock24794700
39Adam Myers24159300
40Ben Hume23778200
41Matthew Bateman23291600
42Darren Fenn23241800
43Reuben Evans22943200
44Adam Frater22143600
45Matthew Gregg22090000
46Shaun Kelly21875800
47John connolly21812800
48Sarah Robinson21780100
49Callum Summerson21684500
50Jade Romaniuk21630800
51Ken Howes20806600
52Dennis Kinghorn20741900
53Adam Waugh20631600
54Sophie Raine19871500
55Mark Hughes19363600
56Gary James Galley19353200
57Steve Brown17815700
58Michael Hull17246500
59Jacob Kane17006300
60Leyton Evans16907300
62Lee Buckingham16120000
63Dan bateman15890100
64Daniel Richardson15455800
65Ethan Gray14920000
66Darren Tinmount14884400
67Darren Saint14665300
68Jade Wilton13739700
69Carl Sonley13590100
70Steven Hardy13131300
71William Anderson12501410
72Dan Brown12470700
73James Shortey11912600
74Craig Ferguson11887700
75Alex Keith11569800
76James Queenan11246500
77Lorena Sibson9889600
78Brooke Wickens9708800
79C Scorer9542800
80Harry Morris9138400
81Oliver Butt8702100
82Matthew Bostock7673600
83James Smith7542600
84Daniel Butterfield7210600
85Amy Logan7144400
86Graeme Donaldson2573200


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Nathan Young103340100
2Stephen Hawes-Johnson8984095
3James Lombard8304090
4Scott Owens5890085
5Peter Kelly5823080
6Ben Roscoe4719075
7Barry Jack3778070
8Dan Stephenson3664065
9Neil Lupton3630060
10Carl Sonley3600055
11Ben Coomber3560050
12Nick Scott3165045
13Graeme Donaldson2767040
14Mick K2531035
15Anthony Murtha2326030
16Ben Hume2035025
17Andrew Runagall1917020
18Darren Fenn1821015
19Adam Myers1722012
20Grace E Barnes1578010
21Dennis Kinghorn153808
22Graeme Cooper152506
23Paul Batten151904
24Rick Ferro140202
25Matthew Bateman136001
26Simon Bostock134400
27Darren Maycock123300
28Robin Ayre109200
29Kurt Pritchard107700
30Steven Hardy98400
31Brent Nolan95900
31Sarah Robinson95900
33John connolly93700
34Jacob Kane91400
35Dan bateman90600
36Jackson Bland82900
37Reuben Evans60000
38Jamie Fryer52400
39Phillip Anderson50600
40Mark Hughes50300
41Leigh Romaniuk48800
42Harry Morris47100
43Andrew Povey42100
44Jade Wilton35100
45Leyton Evans34200
46Matthew Bostock25200
47Adam Waugh23500
48Dan Brown22600
49Callum Summerson19200
50John Wilson18300
51Shaun Kelly17400
52Darren Tinmount16400
54Mark Potts12500
55Peter Lee12400
56Steve Brown11100
57Adam Colley10900
58C Scorer10300
59Greg Midwood9900
59Adam Frater9900
61James Shortey9400
62Oliver Butt8900
63Amy Logan8500
64Michael Hull8400
65Alex Keith8200
65James Queenan8200
67Callum Turnbull8000
68Jim Mitchell7400
69Michael Povey6400
70Lee Buckingham6000
71Daniel Butterfield4600
72Sophie Raine4400
72Darren Saint4400
74Gary James Galley4200
75Craig Ferguson3700
76Liam Michael Davies3600
77Ken Howes2700
78Daniel Richardson2200
79Jade Romaniuk1900
80James Smith1800
81Ethan Gray1400
82Lorena Sibson1200
82Brooke Wickens1200
84Jamie Davies700
84William Anderson700
86Matthew Gregg30