Play BlackpoolOn 3/4 May 2014, Play Blackpool at the Norbreck Castle Exhibition Centre in Blackpool was the venue for the 4th heat in the 2014 Classic Gaming Championships.

139 players registered to compete with 63 of them managing to notch points on the leaderboard. Ian Wall took the crown,  beating Ross Burnett and Spencer Guest into 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Full scores for each game and the overall rankings are below. For more pictures from Play Blackpool, check out the Blackpool Heat page.

Overall Rankings (scroll down for game scores)

RankingPlayerTotal Pts
1Ian Wall400
2Ross Burnett370
3Spencer Guest315
4Liam Luty210
5Calum Stephenson204
6Mark Gilmartin186
7Retro Lord Lozz185
8John Cassells180
9Gavin Ward164
10Raff Rafferty162
11Andrew Wilson150
11Matthew Harrison150
13Rhys Wynne145
13Dean Puckering145
13Chris Goodwin145
16Lee Dyer132
17Perminder Suman130
18Phil Rowland117
19Craig Place115
20Nathan Young110
21Matthew Bolwell106
22Chad Knight105
22Andrew Runagall105
22Tom Blears105
25Carl Wakefield104
26Daniel Dixon100
27Peter Arnold91
28Mark Houghton80
28Mohammad Sharif80
30Ian Chisholm70
30Bradley Irving70
32Andy Lowe60
33Reece Bleasdale55
34Shane Smith50
35Andrew Hannay46
36Jesse McClure41
37Steve Drysdale40
38Dion Woolaston35
38Stephen Bunyan35
38Rob Blemings35
41Nicholas Rothwell30
42Jay Scholfield29
43Darren Walker25
43Jermaine Green25
43Byron Jacob25
46Shane Harris20
47Luke Holden19
48James Hanson12
49Matty B10
49Sheng Loh10
49Brian Jordan10
49John Gould10
53Michael Taylor8
53Irina Kucerova8
55Connor Halls6
55Blake Haslehurst6
55Stu Duncan6
58Anthony Murtha2
58Craig Jordan2
60Paul Clarke1
60Jon Brown1
60Ben Wilkinson1
60Lee McGrath1
64Ben Hume0
64Lucas Hume0
64Mike Watts0
64Bradley Cokayne0
64Lee Kirkbride0
64Amy Jade Clarke0
64Paul Wright0
64Kyle Wright0
64Steve Gillespie0
64Joshua Stephenson0
64Robert Quinn0
64Philip Edwards0
64Nicky Taylor0
64Ethan Blundell0
64Tom Calpin0
64Rachel Heywood0
64Andy Roan0
64Max Luty0
64James Brown0
64Michael Brown0
64Niki Coulston0
64Ben Jones0
64TJ Smith0
64Dion Stones0
64Paul Welks0
64Amy Byrne0
64Philip Hodgson0
64Narnie Taylor0
64Kim Phillips0
64Simon Wilkinson0
64Zachary Hudson-Williams0
64Bradley Cooke0
64Bradley Gonersall0


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Ian Wall100280100
2Mark Gilmartin5272095
3Rhys Wynne5102090
4Ross Burnett4920085
5Mohammad Sharif3917080
6Liam Luty3595075
7Gavin Ward3469070
8Craig Place2921065
9Andy Lowe2614060
10Chris Goodwin2492055
11Daniel Dixon2468050
12Phil Rowland2440045
13Steve Drysdale2409040
14Retro Lord Lozz2323035
15Perminder Suman2264030
16Jay Scholfield2212025
17Nathan Young2171020
18Luke Holden2144015
19James Hanson2136012
20Calum Stephenson2115010
20Ian Chisholm2115010
22Connor Halls210906
23Matthew Bolwell194404
24Raff Rafferty174402
25Jon Brown171201
25Ben Wilkinson171201
27Lee McGrath166600
28Jermaine Green166400
29Jesse McClure164300
30Anthony Murtha164000
31John Gould151400
31John Cassells151400
33Andrew Hannay150700
34Spencer Guest148700
35Mike Watts147400
36Bradley Cooke146400
37Lee Dyer144400
38Kyle Wright143500
39Matty B136600
40Sam Johnson136300
41Chad Knight136200
42Zachary Hudson-Williams133400
43Matthew Harrison126400
44Tom Blears121300
45James Brown119700
46Bradley Cokayne119600
47Alan Twiss117800
48Nicky Taylor116000
49Ben Hume111300
50Chris Johnson108500
51David Lucas106200
52Craig Jordan98300
53Paul Clarke97100
54Shane Smith97000
55Stephen Bunyan96400
56Lee Kirkbride96200
57Stu Duncan93500
57Brian Jordan93500
59Darren Walker93200
60Sheng Loh91100
61Andrew Wilson91000
62Tom Calpin90900
63Steve Gillespie89600
64Mark Houghton88700
65Nicholas Rothwell88500
66Bradley Irving86600
67Robert Quinn83500
68Dean Puckering82500
69Niki Coulston80900
70Narnie Taylor77800
71TJ Smith75400
72Byron Jacob75000
73Lucas Hume71000
73Ben Jones71000
75Peter Arnold69300
76Ethan Blundell69100
77Philip Hodgson69000
78Rob Blemings63300
79Andy Roan63200
80Michael Brown61300
81Carl Wakefield58100
82Amy Byrne58000
83Amy Jade Clarke56000
84Max Luty55600
85Michael Taylor54000
86Reece Bleasdale53800
87Shane Harris53600
88Paul Welks53500
89Joshua Stephenson48500
90Irina Kucerova47600
91Simon Wilkinson46500
92Andrew Runagall43500
93Kim Phillips40900
94Rachel Heywood40500
95Dion Woolaston33600
95Andrew Brown33600
97Bradley Gonersall33300
98Philip Edwards33100
99Harley Johnson21700
100Zak Stockham21000
101Dion Stones20700
102Blake Haslehurst15500
103Paul Wright3900


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1John Cassells207755100
2Ross Burnett19199495
3Spencer Guest10938190
4Ian Wall10765185
5Mark Houghton10487180
6Lee Dyer7696275
7Tom Blears6593470
8Chad Knight5741365
9Ian Chisholm5256060
10Retro Lord Lozz5123955
11Craig Place5120450
12Liam Luty4996945
13Andrew Hannay4634740
14Rob Blemings4540035
15Gavin Ward4353830
16Jermaine Green3695825
17Daniel Dixon3130320
18Stephen Bunyan3017215
19Phil Rowland2618812
20Brian Jordan2583110
21Irina Kucerova244008
22Stu Duncan232156
23Blake Haslehurst224164
24Matthew Bolwell212772
25Calum Stephenson204671
26Jesse McClure198000
27Carl Wakefield170230
28Andrew Runagall156060
29Reece Bleasdale150460
30Raff Rafferty131960
31Anthony Murtha128670
32Alan Twiss120930
33James Brown120000
34Perminder Suman105770
35Jay Scholfield94760
36Chris Goodwin85570
37Andy Lowe81970
38Mark Gilmartin79100
39Shane Smith76020
40Niki Coulston71170
41Rachel Heywood68260
42Nicholas Rothwell66850
43Ben Hume64000
44Peter Arnold63310
45Nathan Young62270
46Matty B56120
47Matthew Harrison51650
48Shane Harris50960
49Mohammad Sharif48640
50Rhys Wynne47520
51Gareth Case45520
52Luke Holden45370
53Paul Clarke42810
54Tom Calpin42340
55James Hanson41310
56Byron Jacob38780
57John Gould36000
58Michael Brown35090
59Lee Kirkbride34820
60Lee McGrath33430
61Robert Quinn31160
62Kim Phillips30000
62Simon Wilkinson30000
64Bradley Cokayne28930
65Nicky Taylor27080
66Andrew Brown26920
67Darren Walker26410
68Bradley Irving22360
69Philip Hodgson22030
70Michael Taylor21110
71Sheng Loh19630
72Craig Jordan18030
73Connor Halls16490
74Mike Watts15010
75Bradley Gonersall12600
76Amy Byrne12240
77Steve Drysdale12000
78Ben Jones10290
79Dean Puckering10030
80Max Luty8050
81Dion Woolaston8000
81Bradley Cooke8000
83Jon Brown4410
84Ben Wilkinson4320
85Paul Wright4230
86Amy Jade Clarke4130
87Joshua Stephenson4010
88Steve Gillespie4000
88Sam Johnson4000
88TJ Smith4000
88Dion Stones4000
92Paul Welks990
93Andrew Wilson650
94Andy Roan530
95Lucas Hume500
95Kyle Wright500
95Philip Edwards500
95Harley Johnson500
99Narnie Taylor240
100Ethan Blundell100
101Zachary Hudson-Williams40


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Spencer Guest3:28"90100
2Andrew Wilson3:31"1795
3Calum Stephenson3:31"7690
4Dean Puckering3:32"4285
5Andrew Runagall3:32"9880
6Ross Burnett3:33"4375
7Ian Wall3:34"2170
8Retro Lord Lozz3:36"2465
9Matthew Harrison3:38"0760
10Reece Bleasdale3:38"1155
11Shane Smith3:38"5850
12Lee Dyer3:38"8345
13Perminder Suman3:39"1240
14Dion Woolaston3:39"8235
15Daniel Dixon3:40"5430
16Byron Jacob3:40"7725
17Shane Harris3:41"0420
18Mark Gilmartin3:41"1915
19Gavin Ward3:41"3712
20Matty B3:41"3910
21Michael Taylor3:41"468
22Jesse McClure3:42"016
23Carl Wakefield3:42"314
24Craig Jordan3:42"342
25Paul Clarke3:42"351
26Robert Quinn3:42"500
27Amy Byrne3:42"790
28Adam Sharpe3:42"880
29Ben Hume3:42"920
30Lucas Hume3:43"270
31Luke Holden3:43"380
32Bradley Cooke3:43"900
33Andy Lowe3:43"980
34Ian Chisholm3:44"160
35Raff Rafferty3:45"380
36Tom Blears3:45"570
37Peter Arnold3:45"820
38Rhys Wynne3:46"020
39Nicholas Rothwell3:46"340
40Darren Walker3:46"400
41Mike Watts3:46"770
42Chris Goodwin3:47"020
43Zak Stockham3:47"180
44James Hanson3:47"540
45John Gould3:48"020
46Lee Kirkbride3:48"120
47Matthew Bolwell3:48"180
48Craig Place3:48"780
49Phil Rowland3:48"980
50Bradley Cokayne3:49"310
51Ben Jones3:50"130
52John Cassells3:50"180
53Connor Halls3:50"240
54Liam Luty3:50"670
55Andrew Hannay3:50"840
56Stephen Bunyan3:50"880
57Anthony Murtha3:50"970
58Andy Roan3:51"110
59Chad Knight3:52"370
60Jermaine Green3:53"150
61Jon Brown3:53"370
61Stu Duncan3:53"370
63Lee McGrath3:54"050
64Steve Gillespie3:54"580
65Rachel Heywood3:54"850
66Rob Blemings3:54"980
67James Brown3:55"550
68Nathan Young3:55"810
69Jay Scholfield3:56"310
70Steve Drysdale3:56"320
71Bradley Irving3:56"660
72Niki Coulston3:56"720
73Bradley Gonersall3:58"100
74Joshua Stephenson3:58"240
75Michael Brown3:58"360
76Narnie Taylor4:00"430
77Ben Wilkinson4:00"560
78Mark Houghton4:00"770
79Zachary Hudson-Williams4:03"410
80Blake Haslehurst4:03"800
81Philip Hodgson4:04"800
82Brian Jordan4:07"130
83Dion Stones4:08"150
84Simon Wilkinson4:09"670
85Tom Calpin4:09"740
86Kyle Wright4:13"190
87Paul Wright4:13"580
88Sheng Loh4:13"840
89Mohammad Sharif4:14"550
90David Lucas4:18"590
91Max Luty4:19"360
92Nicky Taylor4:24"840
93Ethan Blundell4:25"100
94TJ Smith4:28"820
95Amy Jade Clarke4:47"420
96Philip Edwards4:47"930
97Kim Phillips4:53"760
98Paul Welks5:10"500
99Irina Kucerova7:37"090


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Ross Burnett0:30"78100
2Calum Stephenson0:31"9595
3Nathan Young0:33"1290
4Peter Arnold0:34"4385
5Ian Wall0:35"0180
6Mark Gilmartin0:35"1175
7Bradley Irving0:35"5670
8Raff Rafferty0:35"6865
9Dean Puckering0:35"7360
10Andrew Wilson0:35"7855
11Spencer Guest0:35"9750
12Matthew Harrison0:36"1045
13Gavin Ward0:36"4340
14Tom Blears0:36"4735
15Retro Lord Lozz0:36"7030
16Andrew Runagall0:36"8225
17Chris Goodwin0:37"1820
18Matthew Bolwell0:37"9615
19Lee Dyer0:38"9512
20Sheng Loh0:39"2610
20Perminder Suman0:39"2610
22Andrew Hannay0:39"526
23Luke Holden0:39"784
24Blake Haslehurst0:39"852
25Lee McGrath0:40"441
26Connor Halls0:40"900
27Rhys Wynne0:41"100
28Robert Quinn0:41"240
29Chad Knight0:41"800
30Ben Wilkinson0:41"810
31Andy Lowe0:41"850
32Gareth Case0:42"090
33Byron Jacob0:42"280
34Simon Wilkinson0:42"330
35Rachel Heywood0:42"350
36Bradley Cokayne0:42"370
37John Gould0:42"740
38Reece Bleasdale0:42"930
39Anthony Murtha0:43"750
40Matty B0:44"120
41Niki Coulston0:44"500
42Adam Sharpe0:44"630
43Craig Place0:44"840
44Stephen Bunyan0:45"000
45Jermaine Green0:45"130
46Lee Kirkbride0:45"400
47Mike Watts0:46"340
48Shane Smith0:46"820
49Michael Taylor0:47"280
50Carl Wakefield0:47"630
51Philip Edwards0:47"670
52Jay Scholfield0:48"550
53Paul Clarke0:49"040
54Jesse McClure0:49"220
55Shane Harris0:49"270
56Stu Duncan0:50"140
57Ben Jones0:50"920
58Darren Walker0:51"120
59Alan Twiss0:51"590
60Dion Woolaston0:51"950
61Nicholas Rothwell0:52"110
62Mohammad Sharif0:52"640
63Ben Hume0:52"910
64Steve Drysdale0:53"320
65Joshua Stephenson0:53"580
66James Brown0:53"850
67Daniel Dixon0:54"490
68Philip Hodgson0:54"890
69Andy Roan0:55"320
70Steve Gillespie0:56"230
71Amy Byrne0:56"250
72Phil Rowland0:56"640
73Jon Brown0:57"380
74Lucas Hume0:57"840
74Liam Luty0:57"840
76Mark Houghton0:58"040
77Zachary Hudson-Williams0:58"220
78Max Luty0:59"220
79Harley Johnson1:00"280
80James Hanson1:00"710
81Brian Jordan1:01"880
82Bradley Cooke1:01"890
83Chris Johnson1:02"490
84Bradley Gonersall1:02"500
85Michael Brown1:02"700
86David Lucas1:02"800
87Rob Blemings1:07"420
88Ethan Blundell1:07"490
89Kim Phillips1:08"680
90Kyle Wright1:10"350
91Craig Jordan1:11"380
92Narnie Taylor1:13"280
93Amy Jade Clarke1:14"110
94Sam Johnson1:17"520
95Andrew Brown1:22"880
96John Cassells1:23"400
97Ian Chisholm1:28"220
98TJ Smith1:33"590
99Nicky Taylor1:42"840
100Zak Stockham1:44"250
101Tom Calpin1:44"520
102Paul Welks1:48"200
103Dion Stones2:28"600
104Paul Wright4:03"110
105Irina Kucerova5:17"990


RankPlayerBest ScorePts
1Carl Wakefield150160100
2Raff Rafferty10187095
3Liam Luty8486090
4Matthew Bolwell8471085
5John Cassells8265080
6Spencer Guest7932075
7Chris Goodwin7439070
8Ian Wall7247065
9Phil Rowland6975060
10Rhys Wynne6879055
11Perminder Suman6829050
12Matthew Harrison5245045
13Chad Knight4976040
14Jesse McClure4598035
15Nicholas Rothwell4498030
16Darren Walker4300025
17Stephen Bunyan4012020
18Ross Burnett3571015
19Gavin Ward3535012
20John Gould3257010
21Calum Stephenson308308
22Peter Arnold308006
23Jay Scholfield274904
24Anthony Murtha268902
25Mark Gilmartin265201
26Nathan Young262800
27Tom Calpin261300
28Matty B210000
29Retro Lord Lozz195100
30Jermaine Green190100
31Connor Halls171700
32Michael Taylor164000
33Bradley Irving163400
34Shane Smith160800
35Paul Clarke154500
36Andy Lowe148400
37Ben Hume143800
38Bradley Cooke136100
39Craig Place135700
40Brian Jordan135400
41Andrew Wilson130500
42Lee Dyer125500
43Mark Houghton124000
44Mike Watts123700
44Dean Puckering123700
46Chris Johnson119000
47Simon Wilkinson100600
48Ben Wilkinson100200
49Luke Holden99300
50Michael Brown92400
51Shane Harris88800
52Andrew Hannay80400
53David Lucas66800
54Andy Roan57700
55Rob Blemings55000
56Bradley Cokayne44600
57Lee Kirkbride35700
58Ben Jones34800
59James Brown31400
60Steve Drysdale31100
61Andrew Runagall30600
61Tom Blears30600
63Alan Twiss29900
64Lee McGrath28800
65Mohammad Sharif28700
66Paul Wright28690
67Zachary Hudson-Williams27100
68Reece Bleasdale25100
69Narnie Taylor21500
70Max Luty21300
71Jon Brown17400
72Bradley Gonersall15900
73Kyle Wright15700
74Amy Byrne14900
75Daniel Dixon14400
76Robert Quinn14000
77Ian Chisholm13700
78Rachel Heywood13400
79Blake Haslehurst13000
80Sam Johnson12200
81Ethan Blundell11600
81Niki Coulston11600
83Stu Duncan11300
84Amy Jade Clarke10900
84Steve Gillespie10900
86Sheng Loh10400
87James Hanson9900
87Philip Hodgson9900
89Zak Stockham9300
90Dion Woolaston8900
90Paul Welks8900
92Craig Jordan8800
93Dion Stones8400
94TJ Smith8200
95Philip Edwards7700
96Joshua Stephenson6400
97Andrew Brown4700
98Byron Jacob4400
99Lucas Hume1400
100Kim Phillips1100
101Nicky Taylor1000
102Gareth Case700
102Irina Kucerova700